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Service Automation: Template Creation
Service Automation: Template Creation
Create a Service Template.
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This guide walks through the initial setup and use of the Service Automation Template. Service Automation is a trip planning tool designed to increase efficiency by auto-populating trip services at the creation stage of a trip while providing the operations team with a checklist to track and confirm services. 

This article covers:

  • The steps and process to create a Service Automation Template


1.  Access Service Template by going to Operations, Settings, Service Templates

From this screen, you can create new Templates, review and edit existing Service Templates and delete unwanted Templates.

2. Click Create

3. Name Template 

4. Select Service Type from the drop-down list available

Note: Once Service Type is saved it cannot be changed and the Service Type field is grayed out. You can read more on Service Automation: Service Type.

5. Enter Description

Note: This is not a required field, however, information entered in this field pulls into the trip, therefore it helps with identifying the service item. 

6. Click Create. The Template has now been created. Name, Service Type, and Description fields have been populated.

7. Select Status sets the default status setting per each individual template

8. Select the Payment Method

9. Select Vendor providing this service. Vendors are sourced from the company's Vendor list. 

10. Add personnel or groups the service is Assigned To. This is optional and does not include flight coordinator, sales rep, sourcing agent, and MX on call. The assigned to can be changed on any service on a case-by-case basis, once it has been added to a trip or leg.

11. Select whether the service template applies to the trip in general or trip legs

Trip Only applies the Automated Service to the trip and not to a specific leg. The Trip Only requests appear in the General Requests section of the services tab

Leg – No airport applies the Automated Service to all legs of the trip to which the conditions are met, but not specifically to the arrival or departure airport

Leg – Departure Airport applies the Automated Service to the departure airport for each leg for which the conditions are met

Leg – Arrival Airport applies the Automated Service to the arrival airport for each leg for which the conditions are met

12. Set whether to Send Notifications - YES or NO

If enabled, and an Assigned To personnel or group is selected, an email notification is sent when the service is created, and when the service is reset due to change Control Settings applied within the Service Template

13. Set service as Crew Only - YES or NO 

14. Set whether this service is Required for Release - YES or NO

If enabled, any attempt made to change the leg status to 'Released' triggers a warning within the trip. This setting looks at the setup of the Service Request Status in the Operation, Configuration settings. The leg status can be set to 'Released' manually or via the stage settings Auto-set leg status setting. The leg status does not change to released.
15. Enter Confirmation Due Prior to Departure

This setting automatically assigns the services due date and time prior to departure of the leg to which it applies. It is set in hours prior to departure and once created, appears in the service within the trip and displayed in local time.

Note: This setting is not available for Trip Only services. Manual services date/time due is set at the time the service is created and is not based on hours prior to departure, it is not update with trip changes.

16. Select Change Control Options
If any of the settings are enabled, changes made to the trip relating to those areas automatically changes the applicable leg(s) back to In Review. 

For more on this setting refer to the Service Automation: Change Control Options guide.

17. Create Conditions 

Conditions are the rules set up to determine which Service Template is applied to a trip or leg.

For more on Service Template relating to Conditions refer to the Service Automation: Conditions guide. 

18. Save the template

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