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Service Automation: Conditions
Service Automation: Conditions
Understanding Service Automation Conditions
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This article will cover:

  • The setup of service template conditions; and

  • Service template use cases


Creation of Service Template related to Conditions

Conditions support the automation application of services in legs and trips. Conditions options are:

  • Account, Account Type

  • Aircraft Category, Aircraft in Fleet, Aircraft Tail Number, Aircraft Type, Aircraft Tag

  • Arrival Airport, Arrival Airport Classification, Arrival Country, Arrival Region, Scheduled Arrival time

  • Contact

  • Departure Airport, Departure Airport Classification, Departure Country, Departure Region, Scheduled Departure Time

  • Regulatory Type

  • Trip Type

All condition options are applicable to the creation of a trip through the client portal either on the initial create or when applying additional information once the trip is in the main application. An initial travel request in the client portal contains the Account, Tail Number, Departure and Arrival City. When a portal travel request is submitted, if conditions are met the service will automate in the trip when added from the deal.

Note: The client portal has an option to automatically 'create trip from request.' If the option is set for the approved user, the trip creates automatically and all matching service templates will automate.

To understand how Conditions function it is worth remembering that the three rows; Name, Operator, and Value act as a statement. In this example, Name is Arrival Country, Operator is Is In, and Value is Canada. The Condition (statement) being made here is; when arrival country is in Canada.

This template could be applied as: When arrival country is in Canada the crew needs to file CANPASS.

Conditions can be applied to a Service Template to create a specific template.

In this example, if the departure region is South America OR Central America AND the arrival airport is KMIA, KFXE, KPBI, OR KORL, this Service Template applies and will auto-populate your trip.

To create this Service Request in the reverse, you will need to create a new Service Template. 


Service Template User Cases

Whenever we fly to Moscow with Mr. Smith, the aircraft owner on board, he wants the aircraft parked in a hangar. 

Conditions required;

When the arrival airport is in Moscow, AND when the contact is Mr. Smith.

As an operator, whenever we operate a flight on our fleet of aircraft to the USA that originated in another country, we are required to filed eAPIS.

Conditions required;

When aircraft is in our fleet. The arrival country is in the USA, AND the departure country is not in the USA.

As an operator, whenever we operate a flight to China we are required to apply for a landing permit.

Conditions required;

When the arrival country is in China, AND when the departure country is not in China.

Whenever we fly Ms. Brooks there are specific catering requirements we need to consider.

Conditions required;

When contact is T. Brooks, AND the account is Sullivan Landing.

Some of the Conditions and their Sub-Conditions are:


  • Is in

  • Is not in

  • Search for and select Account(s)

Account Type

  • Is in

  • Is not in

  • Search for and select account type(s)

Aircraft Category

  • Is in

  • Is not in

  • Search Aircraft Categories

Aircraft in Fleet

  • Is True (yes)

  • Is False (no)

Aircraft Tail Number

  • Is in 

  • Is not in

  • Search for the tail number

Arrival or Departure Region

  • Is in

  • Is not in

  • Regions

Scheduled Departure or Arrival time

  • Is Less Than (<)

  • Is Greater Than (>)

  • Value (Time)

List of Regions

  • Africa

  • Central America and the Caribbean

  • East and South Asia

  • Europe

  • Middle East

  • North America

  • Russia and the CIS

  • South America

  • Southeast Asia and Oceania

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