This application maintenance update includes fixes for the following features: 



Saved Searches on Calendar

Corrected an issue where invalid characters could be saved when sharing a calendar search. When these characters were added this caused the calendar not to load preventing a user from accessing the saved search. There are now validation checks in place to prevent this from occurring. 



Account Type in Master Line Item

Corrected a display issue when setting account type on the master line item. 

Minimum Flight Share

The contract owner flight min share calculation was displaying NULL at times. This caused the flight minimum profit to show a negative value in quotes using that contract.

Default Setting on Master Line Item

Corrected an issue where, when creating a new Master Line Item for quotes, when Default = Yes was selected, the Aircraft text field disappears.

Contracts and Currency Rates

An additional contract conversion was occurring on the flight hour rate at the quote level. An update has been made to prevent a specific exchange rate from being set on the contract level, so when the quote is created the most recent exchange rate for the currency type set in the contract is utilized.



Rest Calculation Display

Corrected an intermittent incorrect rest time display issue in the Trip Overview page that was driven by a DST offset. 

Trip Activity Feed

All actions being taken in the Mobile App will display in detail in the trip activity feed and display From: Mobile.



Travel Document Required Fields

An unclear error has been updated when attempting to save travel documents in the Personnel profile that did not meet the requirements. Specific to the required expiration date, the field will turn red and the error will now read, "please specify a valid expiration date." 

Aircraft Rates

When adding a rate in the Employment tab of the user profile, it was not accepting any number greater than 999. This has been fixed.



Cruise Altitude

An issue has been corrected to allow the saving of a Cruise Altitude in the Aircraft > Profile tab.


Object Reference Error

An issue was corrected that was preventing a user from creating a quote and trip from a deal. It stemmed from a leg edit on the portal user's side that generated an object reference error, but still allowed the travel request to be submitted. 


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