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Service Automation: Service Type
Service Automation: Service Type
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This article will cover:

  • Service Types


Service Types

The fields in the templates adjust based on the Service Type selected. Airline, FBO, Handling, Other and Special Request service types share the same template fields.

Catering templates apply for both crew and passenger requirements. Using Conditions, catering specifics can be created for individual passengers or accounts.

Flight Planning enables users to apply rules specific to routes and operational procedures to be followed when operating through assigned airports and regions.

Fuel services template for tailored refueling conditions.

Ground Transportation for both passenger and crew transportation requirements.

Lodging template.

Permit services enable the creation of permit templates.

Regulatory allows for the creation of regulatory type templates such as TSA Waiver, Caricom, and Customs.

Security services such as Aircraft Security, Executive Protection, General Declarations, and Intelligence Briefings.

Hangar services now offer the ability for a template to be created separate from standard FBO notification templates. Once added to a trip, the service will be available to book directly in Flightbridge pulling options for the service from FBO locations and Handlers within the system.

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