This article will cover:

  • how to setup the flight leg permissions; and

  • how to set the leg status within a trip

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  1. Go to Operations > Settings > Stages/Leg Status > Flight Leg Status. Leg Status names cannot be modified or be made inactive within the application. If a leg status does not apply to the process, it can remain unused.

Within each flight leg status, Admins have the ability to set permissions for each Flight Leg Status.

  • General Roles: This will designate users who are able to change a leg to the status being edited if no warning or critical hard stops are present. If this field is left blank any user role can change a leg to this status.

  • Warning Hard Stop: If warning items exists within the leg then only the users specified in this field can change the leg to this status. An override message will be required. Warning items display in yellow.

  • Critical Hard Stop: If critical items exists, users specified will have the ability to change the leg status. It will require an override message. Critical items display in red.

If both warning and critical items are present on a single leg the users listed within the Critical Hard Stop field are able to change the leg status even if they are not listed as a user within the Warning Hard Stop field.


  1. Access a trip to change the flight leg status

  2. Click the Leg Status and set accordingly

Here is an example if there are users set in General Roles, but the specific user doesn't contain the set role(s).

Once a flight leg status is attempted to be changed, the Feasibility and Tools runs and pops up to display all leg level checks. Here is an example if the user does not have the permission to change to the specified Flight Leg Status:

Here is an example if the user has the permission, but an override is required due to Warning and Critical items.

Note: If a user is changing the trip to a stage that contains auto-set leg status, those settings will overrule any leg status permission settings.

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