Pet Profile: Create New
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This article will cover:

  • Creating new pet profiles

  • Searching for pet profiles

  • Use cases for pet profiles


Creation of New Pet Profiles

In Contacts, click 'Create' and select 'Pet' as the profile type.

Select the type and breed from the list (these are not required fields) and click Save.

Helpful Hint There are fewer fields in the pet profiles than in contacts, but pets still need to be associated with an account.


Searching for Pet Profiles

In Contacts, there is now a toggle button to view Contacts or Pets.

Note: The search options on the left are pet-focused.


Uses for Pet Profiles

In the trip > passenger tab, pet contacts are noted with a paw print. Once added to the trip, the overview tab has new indicators to show the number of pets.

When hovering over the paw, the pet names appear.

Any preferences from the pet profile will be noted in the snapshot.

In the Flight log> Show/Hide Manifest:

Since pets do not occupy a seat, pets will not be counted towards the capacity of the aircraft. For example, if the max capacity of the aircraft is 10 and there are 10 passengers and one dog, the aircraft will not be over capacity.

Note: Pets will be excluded from No-Fly and APIS checks/filings

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