The following areas of the Avianis Web Application have been updated:


Aircraft Type Assignments


CAMP Integration

Vendor Resource Management (VRM)

Vendor Profiles


Crew Member Selection



Aircraft Type Assignments

In the Personnel record under the Crew Info Tab the Type Ratings section has been renamed to Aircraft Type Assignments. Aircraft Type Assignments are grouped by aircraft type rating. There are now duty positions for Check Airman, Instructor Pilot and Maintenance as well. Full details of how this works can be found here.


CAMP Integration

Users now have the option in each aircraft profile, in the Maintenance Module tab under CAMP, to include tolerances when calculating the next due items. CAMP sends two different due dates to Avianis: one including tolerances and one excluding tolerances. The next due date of the items that are imported to Avianis will depend on the selection made here.



Vendor Profile

Users now have the ability to sort Vendor contacts by last name



Crew Member selection

In a trip under the Crew tab, select Crew Member dropdown, users will now see headers to define each group of crew types. The headers are indicative of where the crew comes from: Type Assigned, Directly Assigned, Account Contact and Vendor Contact.


The following bugs have been addressed:


Error when creating a quote with a lead

Generic aircraft profiles without a contract create a quote with no quote number


Updated taxi time when an aircraft is reassigned

Changing the block time on the chalkboard for a flight with the same departure and arrival airport

Scheduled departure and arrival time overridden by logged time

MX on Call does not populate when a trip is booked from a quote


Cannot fulfill requests from flight log expenses


Training record Next Due Date, Grace Start and End dates does not update with override

When attempting to edit, delete or add documents to a training program or training item the "Back" button resulted in no action


When creating a new limitation in a regulatory set it does not appear to save until user refreshes page


Expense report submission when hard stop is disabled

Access denied when deleting expense reports

Expense type could be changed after being attached to expense report


Discrepancy shows incorrect aircraft when the aircraft assignment was changed in a job card

Unable to manually type in the date field

Search filters not working on the Maintenance Integration page

Discrepancy flags in Snapshots when a hour or cycle field is left blank

Job card incorrectly flagging in Trip Snapshot

When multiple aircraft are on a trip, the snapshot is flagging for an aircraft specific open discrepancy for all legs

Unable to delete orphan discrepancies

Job Card out of service dates save without designation

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