This article will cover:

  • The setup of Aircraft Type Assignments


Setup Aircraft Type Assignments

  1. Go to My Company > Personnel, click on the Flight Crew record.

2. Click on the 'Crew Info' tab > Aircraft Type Assignment > 'Add New'

3. Select the Type Rating. Once selected, the make/models will populate. Only the make/models that will display in the Aircraft Type Assignments table are those that are in the operator's active fleet or match entries that have been made in the crew members logbook tab.

4. Select the Type Rating Position the crew member has earned. PIC, SIC or N/A. The PIC and SIC type ratings do not determine the crew member selection in the trip position drop downs. If N/A is set, the Issued Date, Expiration Date, Full Motion Sim Date and Proficiency Check Date fields are greyed out.

5. Select the Duty Position. In a future update (Estimated date of 2021), the Duty Position will determine who can be assigned to trips in combination with the make/model and type rating. Additional positions such as Check Airman (CKA), Instructor Pilot (IP) and Maintenance (MX) are available.

6. [Optional] Issued Date. Only if Type Rating Position is NA. Issued Date is required for the Wyvern/ARGUS Integration; therefore, the Type Rating Position must be set.

7. [Optional] Expiration Date.

8. [Optional] Full Motion Sim Date. This syncs to Wyvern/ARGUS.

9. [Optional] Proficiency Check Date. This syncs to Wyvern/ARGUS.

PIC = Pilot in Command

SIC = Second in Command

CKA = Check Airman
IP = Instructor Pilot

ACM = Additional Crew Member
CSR = Cabin Service Rep
FA = Flight Attendant

FE = Flight Engineer

Note: Set N/A in the Type Rating selection and Type Rating Position if one does not apply. Then, manually apply the applicable makes/models and the Duty Position. For example, to setup Flight Attendants or CSRs as an option on a specific make/model in a specific Duty Position. Here is an example of a crewmember that will be a CSR in the crewing selection at the trip level when the aircraft type is a G-400 or G-450.


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