The following areas of the Avianis Web Application have been updated:

Crew Records

Base Month Management


Fleet Segmentation



Base Month Management

As we all know, the training base month is very important for currency. This update offers a few changes around the visual display of the training item’s base month. Throughout the profile and within the training records, now easily see the base month for each training item. This will foster the ability to search and report by base month now!



Fleet Segmentation

Operators now have the ability to manage fleets in Avianis! The new Fleet Segmentation functionality brings the ability to manage subsets of aircraft within the application and increase operator workflows and trip management efficiency.


The following bugs have been addressed:


Unable to sort Accounts by Last Date Quoted.

Crew Records

Training Stages require both Admin and User fields to be populated to save successfully.

Unable to disconnect mapping between FSI qualification item and Avianis training item.

Pilot incorrectly shows as alternate night current.


Trip Expense Categories are not displaying correctly on a created trip expense.

Must reopen invoice to sync to QuickBooks.

Invoice status is not updated after payment is applied in QuickBooks.

Not able to input more than 5 number characters for a negative amount.


Airport note in the trip snapshot shows incorrect start and end date times.

When filing 135 eAPIS the system does not require a pilots license number for both the PIC and the SIC.

Leg Status does not revert when leg changes are made in Chalkboard.

Service Automation Change Control Items are converting leg status back to In Review on all flight legs.

Service Automation services not populating when an airport changes.

The block times displayed on the Aircraft calendar differ from the Crew calendar.

When adding a passenger on the leg level, the 'add' icon does not appear.

Service Automation Condition Departure Country IS All International is not triggering service.

Date of Birth is not saving within a trip when entered manually instead of using the date picker.


Adding multiple user roles removed access to areas in Global Settings.

Travel document expire date will not delete.

Inactive Personnel still remain active in Aircraft Profile.


Due In times, values and critical items are displaying differently on the Inspections page and the summary on the Flight Log page.


Able to select inactive contact as a quote contact.

When the Default Contract is made inactive, it does not allow a quote to be created.

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