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Access My Schedule for the full details on all assigned flight legs and personnel events, including who, what, where and when.
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The following guide outlines:

  • My schedule overview; and

  • calendar display; and

  • my schedule symbols.

My Schedule Overview

My Schedule allows crew members to view their trips in a calendar view. The view defaults to 1 week. Crew members can opt to view 1 month by tapping the icon indicated in the screenshot below.

The calendar also includes visibility to personnel events, training due dates, medical due dates and document expiry dates.

Select a date on the calendar to view a list of scheduled events for that day. Each event displays an overview of the event details including both Zulu and local departure/arrival times.

To view flight leg details, tap Details

Note: Local time is local to the designated airport.

Flight Leg Card Symbols

The first set of icons will display red or green depending on if the data has been entered for the leg or not.

  1. The clock icon indicates whether the main log fields have been saved (OUT, OFF, ON and IN).

  2. The T indicates whether a Takeoff has been logged.

  3. The L indicates whether a Landing has been logged

  4. The D indicates whether a duty record has been added.

Green = all logged

Yellow = partially logged

Red = not logged

The second set of icons will not change color but they each have a number next to them.

  1. The group of people indicates the passenger count.

  2. The credit card indicates the number of expenses entered by the logged in user.

  3. The filled in circle indicates the number of crew services

  4. The open circle indicates the number of passenger services

If the operation has Require Crew Acknowledgement enabled, the user can acknowledge the flight leg from the My Schedule card. A red ACK button and a red exclamation point display on the card indicating the acknowledgement is required. To acknowledge a flight leg take the following steps:

  1. Tap Ack Req on the flight leg card

  2. A green SAVE banner will pop up on the top of the screen

  3. The icon changes to Green Ack OK indicating the leg has been acknowledged also the red exclamation point will turn green indicating the acknowledgement was successful


  • Tapping on Ack OK will result in no action. There is no functionality once the acknowledgement has been completed, it cannot be undone from the mobile app. If any changes are made to the leg details including itinerary or services, then it requires the crew to acknowledge the leg again.

  • If the operation does not have Require Crew Acknowledgement enabled, there is no acknowledgement indicator on the My Schedule card.

If two arrows are preceding or following the departure/arrival date and time then that flight leg is a multi-day flight. Arrows preceding the departure date/time is when the trip carries over from the previous day. Arrows following the arrival date/time is when the trip carries over into the next day.


  • The date and time selection used to determine if a flight leg is a multi-day trip is based on the Group My Schedule By selection found in the mobile app settings. If Homebase is selected it will use the time zone for the home base assigned in the logged-in user's profile to determine if the leg is multi-day. It does not refer to Zulu or airport local. If Zulu is selected then the arrows will appear based on Zulu time. This feature does not have an option to Group My Schedule By the airport's local time.

  • Trips in pending status do not pull into My Schedule.

Calendar Display

Month View vs Weekly View

Tap on the calendar icon to toggle between the full month view or the weekly view. Both options allow the user to swipe left to access the next month or week and to swipe right to access the previous month or week.

Choosing a Date

There are several options for the user to choose which date they would like to view within the mobile app. If the user taps Today, the calendar will automatically default to the current date and load the events for that date.

For quick access to previous or future months, tap on the month/year to open the option to select any month within the selected year. Additionally, if the user continues to tap on the year the display will update to show the available years by decade and if tapped again by century. Swipe right to access previous months, years, decades, or centuries and swipe left to access future months, years, decades, or centuries.

My Schedule Symbols


Dots appear below the dates indicating there are events scheduled for that date. The dots are color-coded to give the user a quick reference to the status of the flight leg or event type. A maximum of five dots will display on the calendar at one time even if the number of events exceeds five.

For personnel events, the color of the dot is based on the Event Type field and what the Operation has customized in their Timeline Event Text Color settings found in the My Company>Profile>Settings tab.

Flight Leg Colors

The flight leg colors displayed on My Schedule indicate a flight leg event that aligns with the customized event type colors for flight legs set by each operation on the web from My Company>Profile>Schedule Board (tab)>Event Type Colors.

Dots also appear on the calendar when the event is for training due dates, medical due dates, or document expiry dates. If it is a training item that is coming due then the dot will display brown. When the medical is coming due the dot will display dark blue and when a document is set to expire the dot will display as gray. These colors are hardcoded and are not customizable by the user.

When the date is selected the events will be displayed in a list under the calendar. Each event will have a status bar indicator on the left side of the event that will also be color-coded to match the dot's color coding for quick reference on the leg status or event type.

Note: The colors below are an example of how leg status and events are color coded based on each operations setup on the web.

Solid Blue Circle

The solid blue circle on the calendar indicates the date that is currently selected by the user. Once selected the dots indicating the events listed for this day will no longer be visible and the events will list below the calendar.

Black Circle

The black circle indicates the current date. If an event is scheduled for the current date the dots will still display as long as the date is not currently selected.

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