Personnel Events

Create personnel events through the the mobile app. This guide will outline:

  • how to create an event; and

  • how to edit an event; and

  • how to create a duty event

Creating an Event

My Schedule allows the user to create an event from directly within the app. Tap the plus icon located at the top of the calendar to load the create event page. The event will populate with the same fields available within the web based version of the application.

The event detail page also gives the user the option to add other personnel to the event, if applicable.

Editing an Event

Events within the mobile app can be edited by the user if they are the creator of the event. The event details page has an icon of a square with a pencil in it that when tapped will open up the event detail fields allowing the user to make changes and re-save.

Note: If an event has been created by a different user then the event will not be available to be edited and the icon will not appear.

Duty Events

Duty events are able to be logged by using the check in and out feature within the mobile app, adding a duty event within the flight log or by creating a new event. Once the duty time is submitted using any of the afore mentioned submission options, the event will display in My Schedule.

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