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Aircraft Type Assignment Q&A
Aircraft Type Assignment Q&A
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In a future update, the data in the Aircraft Type Assignment table in the Crew Info tab will undergo a migration. This means the previous data in the old table setup will translate to the new table setup. Under no circumstances will data be compromised.

Q: Originally we entered aircraft type ratings as specific aircraft types. How will that translate to the Type Ratings?

A: All existing aircraft type assignments will be pushed over as make/model entries that can be edited in some cases or deleted.

Q: Will I have to edit the type ratings?

A: Yes or it may be best to remove and create a new aircraft type assignment record so it includes all make/models based on the Type Rating set.

Q: What is the best way to get the Aircraft Type Assignments updated?

A: Since you're unable to add makes/models to an existing Aircraft Type Assignment, delete the Aircraft Type Assignment and create new. You must delete it first or the same Type Rating will not appear in the selection dropdown.

Q: How will the position translate over to the new Aircraft Type Assignment?

A: If the crew position is anything other than PIC or SIC, then N/A will be assigned to the type rating position. If PIC in the old setup, then PIC in the new and some for SIC.

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