The filters within the Schedule Board allow the user to choose if the scheduled Crew Availability will display on their Schedule Board. This article will cover

  • how to show/hide Crew Availability; and

  • how to add Crew Availability labels

Show/Hide Crew Availability

The user has the ability to show/hide the crew availability from within the Schedule Board filters. To access the Crew filters

  1. Click on the Filters button

  2. Click on the Crew tab

  3. Navigate down to the option Include Crew Availability - Yes/No.

When the Include Crew Availability setting is toggled to Yes, the Crew Availability displays within the Crew view on the Schedule Board when the Crew view is toggled to EVENTS. When this setting is set to No, Crew Availability does not display on the Crew view when toggled to EVENTS, even when they are created/scheduled; however, even when this is set to NO, Availability items always show under the AVAILABILITY toggle.

If the Crew Availability overlaps with a personnel/flight leg event then the Crew Availability wraps behind the scheduled event.

Note: The EVENTS/AVAILABILITY toggle in the Crew view is meant to allow normal functions of the Schedule Board, while still being able to visually reference the Crew Availability information.

Add Crew Availability Labels

The Schedule Board filters also allow the user to add a label to the Crew Availability when it is displayed on the Schedule Board. This can be completed by accessing Filters>Templates. The label for Crew Availability can be added by using the Personnel Availability template.

To view what is currently being used click on the name of the Event Type. As with all other templates, there is a Company default that can be set. If the Use Default column is toggled to Yes, then the template uses the default set up in My Company>Profile>Settings tab>Timeline Event Templates. If the user prefers to create their own template, toggle Use Default to No. Once set to No, a text box displays allowing the user the option to add “{{AvailabilityTypeName}}” to display on the Availability items.

The user also has the option to free-type text within the text box for additional clarification, if needed. See Schedule Board: Personalizing Event Display Settings (User)

When added/saved, the name of the Availability type displays on top of each scheduled Crew Availability. This only displays if the Crew view is toggled to AVAILABILITY. It does not display if the Crew view is toggled to EVENTS.

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