Crew Check-In
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Crew Check-In
Crew members can easily check-in for flights from any page in Avianis by clicking on the Check-In icon at the top of the page. This functionality is available to users that have the Pilot, Chief Pilot or Flight Attendant role. The check-in will begin a duty record in the database with a start date and time.

It will display a notification to the crew member in the duty time tab in the flight log indicating there is a check in that has not been completed.

In addition, once a crew member has "Checked-In," the check-in icon will display differently indicating the crew is on duty and will refer to the current time providing a total duty time since the start time.

When a crew member is ready to end the duty period, click the blue "on duty" button, input the end date/time, duty/event category and click save.

Once saved, the record will display in the duty time tab and on the crew calendar.

Here is an example of the display on the crew calendar:

Things to Know:
The trip feasibility checks for duty time limitations. It takes into consideration the actual duty start time from the check-in, but will utilize the proposed duty off until the crew member closes the duty record at the end of the day.


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