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Maintenance Tracking: Use
Maintenance Tracking: Use
This article covers how to use the maintenance tracking system alongside Avianis.
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Once a maintenance tracking partner is connected to Avianis, data push and pulls. This guide outlines:

  • how to manage inspection items;

  • how to override inspection items; and

  • how exclude items from pulling into Avianis

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Go to Maintenance > Inspections to view inspection items pulled into Avianis from the connected maintenance tracking partner. Inspection items are to be managed in the tracking system.

Below is the information that pulls in and populates in an inspection item:

  • The name of the item, aircraft, engine, or prop (if applicable) and frequencies, including the Estimated Due Date, come into Avianis.

  • The Estimated Due Date is being populated for items coming back from the maintenance tracking systems. It is a date provided that represents when the item is estimated to be due based on the tracking system's own utilization data.

  • The profile type set from the maintenance tracking provider in the inspection item is what supports the next due calculations. The profile types that are functional are airframe, engine, propeller, and APU.


There is an override option available on each inspection item. This setting prevents the item from being updated in the automatic pull and/or manual pull.

  1. Access the inspection item

  2. Set Override to Yes

  3. Input the sync until date. The item will not be updated again until the sync date is met.


Refer to the maintenance tracking provider for specific functionality when needing to exclude items from pulling into Avianis. Below lists options depending on the maintenance provider:

  • When connected to CAMP if the discrepancy value of RTSState comes back in the API, those items can be excluded in the sync and/or will be marked as closed.

  • When connected to Flightdocs if the task is no longer applied due to part number installed or SB accomplishment, the interval can be removed preventing the task from coming into Avianis.

Ref: M-M11

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