This update focused on edit restrictions and activity feed details for events. Click the Video link for an overview.

Personnel Event Edit Restrictions:

Updates occurred on personnel events through the Flight Log > Duty Time tab the Schedule Board (Beta Calendar) and in the iOS Mobile app, My Schedule and More > Duty Times page. The update involved restricting the ability to edit/remove personnel events in all the areas mentioned above. Users will be able to edit a Personnel Event if they are the user who has created the event or if they are assigned any of the following roles, Accounts Admin, Ops Mgr, Sales Mgr, Scheduling Mgr, Chief Pilot, Sales/Scheduling Agents.

Event Activity Feed:

Every event created now contains a detailed activity feed. The details provided in each event is who created it, the date/time created, where it was created from (web or mobile) and all details of changes made.

Refer to the following guides for more details:

Events: Create through Calendars

Events: Create through Flight Log

Events: Activity

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