The following updates have been added to the mobile app:

  • Personnel event edits

  • Accept flight leg change to acknowledge flight legs

  • Mobile background sync

  • Bug fixes



Event Edits

Editing Personnel events in the iOS Mobile app, My Schedule and More > Duty Times page can be managed by the user that created the event entry or if they are assigned with any of the following roles, Accounts Admin, Ops Mgr, Sales Mgr, Scheduling Mgr, Chief Pilot, Sales/Scheduling Agents.

Acknowledge Flight Legs

Accepting a flight leg is now known as Acknowledge. There is a red exclamation point on the flight card as an indicator to the crew member that the acknowledgement is required. The flight leg card can be acknowledged by swiping left. Once the acknowledgment is successful, the exclamation point turns green.

App Syncing

The app syncs every 1 minute while open and every 5 minutes when minimized. When closed the sync does not occur.

Refer to the following guides for more details:

Mobile App 101

Mobile App Personnel Events

Mobile App: My Schedule

Mobile App: Syncing Data



The following bugs / reported issues have been addressed in this mobile app maintenance update:

  • Mobile app engine hours to log and display flight hours

  • Profile picture does not display in Settings

  • Duty events saving without event category

  • Incorrect event/color dot display

  • Block time logged incorrect time

  • Able to save entries in mobile when stage is not enabled

  • Departure times display OFF time instead of OUT time

  • Cannot see leg status field

  • Mobile app to not allow negative block time to be recorded in flight log

  • Mobile trip icons incorrect

  • Validation and notification message for event entries recorded with a value of 0

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