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A guide on the details of the event activity

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Event records contain an activity tab. This guide will outline:

  • how to access the event activity; and

  • the details provided in each event activity

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Activity is available to access from the Edit Event Modal on the ‘Activity’ tab. This can be launched from:

  • the Scheduling Calendar by clicking the 'Edit' button; and

  • the Schedule Board by double clicking on the event

This feature is available to view by any user who can access the record on the schedule. If the user accessing the event doesn't have the proper permission to edit/delete the event they are still able to view the item not the Activity.

The Activity is on all event types and categories, including Duty Time type. However, the event modal cannot be launched from the Flight Log > Duty Time tab, and therefore is not accessible there.

Note: The Activity Tab is NOT available on the Create Event Modal, as there is nothing yet to log, to view the Activity the event needs to be saved first.

The event is considered “created” on a personnel schedule when they are added to the event. It may be the case that there is an event with a logged Activity and a new personnel member is added after the fact. If that event is accessed from that newly added personnel’s schedule, there will only be the log for the activity since they were added. In order to see the full activity from the beginning of the event the user will need to view the activity where it was initially assigned.

The trip and flight log no longer displays event record activity details.


CREATED BY: column will display the user name who made the save/edit and whether it was performed from the Website or Mobile.

DATE CREATED: column displays the date/time the change was saved

DETAILS COLUMN: will be headed as ‘Event Created’ for the first log and ‘Event Updated’ in all following:

  • When info is added the format is: [Field name] was set to [Field value]

  • When info is edited the format is: [Field name] was changed from [previous value] to [new value]

  • For dropdown selection fields, no value is referenced as ‘N/A’

SEARCH BOX: located in the upper right hand corner of the event will search the text in any/all columns of the Activity table. The table will default to 10 entries per page but may be changed by the logged in user.

Ref: O-C07

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