The following areas of the Avianis Web Application have been updated:

  • Length and Height of Information on the Schedule Board

  • Empty Leg Designation

  • Quote Search

  • Great Circle Calculation Improvements

  • Flight Tracking

  • Fuelerlinx dispatch by username update

  • Background updates to support Single User Multi-Account

Length and Height of Information on the Schedule Board

The length and height display has been improved:

  • Length: An additional setting is available at the user level to display the trip and event information by Text rather than by duration. This expands the event for more visibility of the details.

  • Height: The event height has been expanded to display based on the number of rows of context. Each user has the ability to set a template and define the information and number of rows.

For more detailed information on this feature reference Schedule Board: Personalizing Event Display Settings (User).

Empty Leg Designation

Standardized icon added across the various locations. The empty leg designation has been updated in 3 locations, the Trip Overview in the trip, Schedule (Calendar) and the Schedule Board. Overall a more distinct indication throughout is visible when the leg is designated 'Empty.'

Trip Overview:

Quote Search

Various performance improvements have been made to the quote search page. This supports improved load times when various searches results in a vast amount of data.

Great Circle Calculation Improvements

The team identified viable enhancements pertaining to the Avianis Great Circle flight time configuration option. This update not only improved flight time calculations, but it also maintains a faster user experience in creating/editing quotes and trips throughout the application. For aircraft configured on the Avianis Great Circle (not the global flight planning engine), its encouraged to monitor the estimated vs. actuals and adjust the values in the Flight Time Configuration table accordingly. One change to note is that we added additional point checks along the course that helps refine the overall calculation. Refer to the Flight Time Configurations guide for a full scope of the calculation.

Flight Tracking

Additional information has been added to the flight card on the Operations Dashboard.

  • When the aircraft is tracked via FlightAware, an icon will display to the left of the tail number that looks like crosshairs indicating that it is tracked.

  • The account(s) assigned to the leg are listed below the tail/trip number.

  • When an aircraft is not tracked via FlightAware, the flight card will move into the In Progress column based on the scheduled departure time and will display a message, 'In Progress based on Scheduled Times.'

Fuelerlinx Dispatch by Username

When dispatching fuel via Fuelerlinx, there is a feature available that will allow the application to track who is dispatching fuel by the user who is logged into Avianis. For more information on how to configure this update, see Configure Fuelerlinx.

Background Updates to Support Single User Multi-Account

This update allows operations to link newly created personnel accounts to their existing Avianis account, which ultimately provides the user the ability to move between operations easily and use one username/email for all operations. The team will be pushing the background updates out to support this and will be available over the next several months. The Operator Services team will be contacting you regarding the enabling of this feature in time.

In relation to the Single User Multi-Account or SUMA feature, Users will see a different display for their Profile

  1. The user's initials will display at the top right-hand corner and the My Profile and Logout option will be present. The switch companies option will not be there until SUMA is enabled for the specific account.

2. The users will see a change when creating new users. After the license type is selected, then the email field will display.

3. Without SUMA enabled it will still check to see if the username already exists and if so, will complete the user's basic profile information as shown below. When you select SAVE you will see an ERROR showing this account already exists. Note: The home base field will be required.

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