The following updates have been added to the mobile app:

  • Biometric Security

  • save and sync redesign

  • auto select PIC for each pilot event (Logbook V2)

  • tab to next field



Biometric Security

The mobile app has been updated to offer Biometric Security, by the use of face recognition to unlock the app using Apple Face ID. This setting is located within the Settings tab of the mobile app. Once enabled, entering the PIN is no longer required, rather the app uses Face ID. For more information on this feature, please reference Mobile App: Settings.

Save and sync redesign

A significant improvement in the user experience when saving records has been implemented. The save and sync process has been redesigned including an offline save and sync process. When records are saved on mobile app, the record is saved locally only and simultaneously another save occurs syncing records to the server. If the device is offline the record(s) is saved, and a banner will appear at the top of the app indicating to the user the number of records that have not synced to the server. Once the app can communicate with the server these cached records will be synced, and the banner will disappear.

Auto select PIC for each pilot event (Logbook V2)

To improve user experience when entering flight logs, the PIC will be auto-selected for the flight events including take off, landing and approach. This update applies to Logbook V2 only at this time.

Tab to next field

The mobile app has the added ability to tap the Next button on the keyboard to advance to the next field. This applies when entering data into fields on specific pages within the flight log including Weight and Balance, Log-Fuel, Log-Additional. Next is not available when the field is a picker field such as date, take off/landing type, approach. See screenshot below.



The following bugs / reported issues have been addressed in this mobile app maintenance update:

  • 'Previous logs for the same trip and aircraft must be logged prior to saving this log' false error

  • Version check force update

  • Cannot scroll on passenger page

  • Disable fields for legs locked/logs disabled

  • Edit profile and Restrict set to Yes

  • Leg after a cancelled leg cannot be logged

  • Remove baseline times fields

  • Remove block time counter from log page for rotary aircraft

  • Events tab disabled until flight log is saved

  • Refresh My Schedule after background sync

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