The following updates have been made to the Avianis API:

  • Added empty leg designation

  • Additional data points to call GET/connect/v2/Trip/{tripId}/itinerary

  • Added a V2 endpoint GET/connect/v2/Account/{accountid}/Aircraft

  • Added a V2 contact endpoint GET /connect/v2/Contact/{contactId}/FlightLegs

Added Empty Leg Designation

Updated the API to allow for an operation to set a leg as Empty in the flight leg table to true or false. If a Null value is passed in initially, the leg is set to False. For update methods, if set to Null or left off, no change occurs in the database. The following endpoints include the Empty Leg designation:

  • POST /connect/v2/Trip

  • POST /connect/v2/Trip/{tripId}/Itinerary

  • PUT /connect/v2/Trip/{tripId}/Itinerary/{id}

These values are also included in the flight leg model for the response data and updated in the following endpoints.

  • GET /connect/v2/Trip/{id}

  • GET /connect/v2/Trip/{tripId}/Itinerary

Additional Data Points for GET/connect/v2/Trip/{tripId}/itinerary are:

  • Flight Following Status - This is the name of the status that correlates with the FlightFollowingStatusID on the flight leg

  • TripNumber

  • TripGuid

  • FlightCoordinatorName

  • FlightCoordinatorGuid

  • SalesRepName

  • SalesRepGuid

  • LegNumber

  • DepartureAirportCity

  • DepartureAirportState

  • DepartureAirportCountry

  • ArrivalAirportCity

  • ArrivalAirportState

  • ArrivalAirportCountry

  • DepartureFBOAddress

  • DepartureFBOPhoneNumber

  • ArrivalFBOAddress

  • ArrivalFBOPhoneNumber

  • ScheduledDepartureDateUTC

  • ScheduledDepartureDateLocal

  • ActualDepartureDateUTC

  • ActualDepartureDateLocal

  • ScheduledArrivalDateUTC

  • ScheduledArrivalDateLocal

  • ActualArrivalDateUTC

  • ActualArrivalDateLocal

  • EstimatedFlightTime

  • ActualFlightTime

Added GET/connect/v2/Account/{accountid}/Aircraft

The parameter that can pass in in is the accountID (the GUID of an account in the system). It will pull back aircraft that account is associated with.

Added GET /connect/v2/Contact/{contactId}/FlightLegs

The parameter can be used to pull flight leg data for a passenger on a flight leg. The data points returned are the same as above for the GET/connect/v2/Trip/{tripId}/itinerary endpoint. Requirements for this call are Start Date/Time (UTC), End Date/Time (UTC) and Contact ID (GUID). Results return if:

  • The contact is a passenger on the flight leg when the departure or arrival date (scheduled) UTC are between the start and end date requested.

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