The following areas of the Avianis Web Application have been updated:

  • My Schedule (Replacing My Flights)

  • Flight Bridge Updates (Location in Trip iFrame to start)

  • Schedule Board Updates

  • Fleet Feasibility Checks

  • Various Bug Fixes


My Schedule is a tab on the Home Dashboard that lists all flights and events on the user’s schedule. This list of items allows the user a focused view of their schedule outside of the larger scheduling tools, to which they may or may not have full access. This is one of the few places where it is possible for crewmembers to acknowledge assigned flight legs. Since My Schedule is replacing My Flights, this page will no longer be accessible.

My Schedule Search Controls

My Schedule always defaults to the current month/year as being viewed, all schedule items (both flights and events), and all/any acknowledgment status. The user may change the search control to change the schedule items being viewed.

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In addition to some backend integration improvements, some significant changes have been made to the FlightBridge Access and features.

Updated Trip iFrame

Avianis has removed the FlightBridge widget that previously displayed above the trip tabs. Users will now see a new tab for FlightBridge to the right of FuelerLinx. Click on the tab to launch the new iFrame and display the entire trip view in FlightBridge for that trip. Users can create services for any leg of the trip through this new interface which then syncs back to Avianis as a service like normal.

Handle All FlightBridge Services

With the new iFrame outlined in the previous item, ordering any services that FlightBridge offers are now possible. There are several new options available for booking including:

  • Airline

  • Helicopter

  • Airport Services

  • Other

One thing to note is if FlightBridge supports new services moving forward that they do not support now, they will also automatically fall under this model.

NOTE: Contact FlightBridge @ if you would like to turn on the airline feature. They will turn it on and offer additional training. There is a $14 booking fee on these services, and they also offer a travel agent assistance if they want to talk to a travel agent, but it is also for a fee ($25).

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Dates and Increment Controls Separation

Previously, the increment (ratio of time to horizontal space, column) was tied to the range (amount of time being viewed). E.g. when viewing a ‘Month’ range, then the increment would display per half day. This change allows the users additional customization in their Schedule Board views.

Day View as One Column

You now have the ability to show a day in one column.

Quick Search

The Quick Search option now allows you to search only the fields which are displayed on the trip cards as defined by the Template.

Transient Information Changes

There are changes in how Avianis displays and generates the transient information on the Schedule Board. This applies to both Aircraft and Crew transient information.

  • Only Flights Reposition an aircraft and change the transient info.

  • Flights AND Events will reposition a Crew Member (if the event has a start/end airport).

  • The user will no longer display the transient information when the Crew Availability toggle is chosen as it no longer has context or value in the editing mode.

  • Transient objects no longer appear the same way as other flights and events and have a clear and distinct visual. This view will act as a background.

Departure/Arrival Comments

Departure/Arrival Comments are now available within the Flight Leg Templates (Schedule Board > Filters > Templates > Flight Legs) and, on the pop-over flight summary.

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Avianis updated the Feasibility Checks (as seen in the Trip Feasibility) to have the fleet assignment follow the values provided on the Representative Aircraft provided for that Fleet.

Removal of Maintenance

The Maintenance Tab was removed within the Vendor Aircraft Profiles.

Checks with New Alert Messaging for Fleets

  • Added feasibility checks that run similarly for Fleets / Representative Aircraft, but an alternate Alert message and severity are displayed. These checks include Airport Performance Checks, Flight and Distance Checks, and Passenger Count Checks.

  • Several feasibility checks will run exactly the same for Fleets / Representative Aircraft as they do for a My Company Aircraft assignment but deliver the same alerts/messaging.

  • There are also some checks which do not run for the Fleets / Representative Aircraft and will not return any alert or messaging, regardless of their status.

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Feasibility & Tools


  • APU Not Configured Warning on Vendor Aircraft

  • Doctor's name appearing in the Trip Feasibility

  • FRAT errors

  • Copy trip on Schedule is a Dead Click

  • Trip created from the quote into inactive stage

  • Getting Night hours cannot be greater than block time: When first adjusting Night Hours.

  • Moving a leg on the calendar not removing crew

  • User unable to add details/stops to GRND Service

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