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Schedule Board: Event Types and Category Color-Coding
Schedule Board: Event Types and Category Color-Coding
Customize the text and background colors for personnel events on the Schedule Board
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Event color-coding allows the user to assign customized colors to text and the background colors of personnel events on the Schedule Board. This article explains the following:

  • where to access the Event Type Colors settings; and

  • how to choose custom colors for personnel events

  • how to edit custom colors for Event Categories



Customize Color Coding

In order to utilize this feature, the Event Type Colors need to be customized by the user organization. To access these settings go to My Company > Profile > Schedule Board > Event Type Colors.

Event-type colors are set at the company level and cannot be modified at the user level. This is to maintain consistency for all users across the application. The user roles which have the ability to set both the text and the background colors of events that will display on the Schedule Board include:

  • Account Administrator

  • Operations Manager

  • Chief Pilot

Once in the Event Type Colors settings, click in the text field to select from the color spectrum for the event and click Save. Alternatively, the user can enter the RGB # manually into the text box and click Save.

Note: For more detailed information on where to create trip types and maintenance types, refer to the articles Configure Trip Stages and Maintenance Offline Types

View Color Coding on Schedule

These changes can be seen by accessing the Schedule Board and hovering over the Legend or viewing the event on the timeline. To learn how to access the Schedule Board view our guide, Schedule Board, Accessing and Viewing for step-by-step instructions.

Event Category Colors

The event category is a customizable list that can be accessed via the Schedule Board settings in the company profile, My Company > Profile > Schedule Board > Event Categories > Crew New.

At the top of this page, the Event types give the ability to select a Default Category. This will present itself when creating an event on both the Web and Mobile Applications.

Once inside the Event Category, via the Edit button, choose the appropriate Event Types that apply to the Category - General, Hard Day Off, Duty Time, Out of Office. For Instance, Flight Activity would have Duty Time toggled to YES. Vacation would have Hard Day Off and Out of Office toggled to YES. Next, the color-coding can be set "By Type" which will use the color coding outlined within the Company Profile for Event Types or it can be toggled to "Custom." If Custom is selected, event cards with this event category will display in the color values given here and NOT the ones of the event type, regardless of what event type is applied.

Note: Given an account has custom colors assigned to an event category, then they will appear in the Schedule Board color legend. These will be listed alphabetically by the category name, below the event type colors, and above the flight colors.


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