The following updates have been added to the mobile app:

  • View password

  • Consolidated crew and passenger services

  • Summary page section collapse

  • Engine and APU hours and cycles visibility

  • File icon update

  • View special instructions

  • Flight navigation restructure

  • Background Secure storage and offline app exception queue updates



View Password

Users now have the option to display their password on the log in screen by using the hide/show icon.

Flight Navigation Restructure

In order to provide quicker access to trip sheets, the Files option within the navigation menu has been moved up. This change keeps Summary, Passengers, Files and Log on the navigation within a flight leg without having to tap More.

File Icon Update

The icons to view or download/share a File from within a flight leg have been updated. If the file has been downloaded, the eye (view icon) will turn green. Users will also notice a banner at the top of the screen indicating when the file was last downloaded

Crew and Passenger Services Consolidated

The crew and passenger services are now consolidated into one page within the flight leg. The section header includes the number of services listed in each section. Each section can be collapsed or expanded independently. To learn more about Services, see related article.

Summary Page Section Collapse Option

On the summary page of each flight leg, crew members can now collapse or expand each section. This allows users the ability to view the applicable information and hide other information that they may not need to view at that time.

View Special Instructions

Crew Members can now view Special Instructions that are added to each flight leg all within the flight leg summary page. Previously these instructions were only available on the web and trip sheets.

Engine and APU Hours and Cycles Visibility

Current engine and APU hours and cycles are now visible in the mobile app on the flight leg summary page. The values displayed are totals.


The following bugs have been resolved in this version

  • Engine hours and cycles not matching web

  • VOR event error value missing

  • Pilot logging times in locked legs

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