The following areas of the Avianis Web Application have been updated:

  • General

    • Password Requirements

  • Search Pages

    • New Columns on Trip Search Page

    • New Columns on Flight Leg Search Page

    • Search Refactor and Security Improvements

  • Operations

    • Flight Leg Status Color Customization

    • Create Quote/Trip Modal Improvements

  • API Updates

    • Trip Endpoint

    • Trip Note Endpoints

    • Quote Expiration in Trip

    • Deal Create Endpoint

  • Schedule Board

    • Remove Fixed Arrows on Trip Cards

    • Performance Updates

  • Various Bug Fixes


Password Requirements

We have updated the requirements for new users/password resets to ensure more security for our system. The new requirements include:

  • At least 10 characters long

  • Has at least 1 character from each category below.

  • English Uppercase (A-Z)

  • English Lowercase (a-z)

  • Base 10 digits (0-9)

  • Non-alphanumeric (! $, #, or %)

  • The password cannot contain 3 or more consecutive characters

If the password entered does not meet the criteria above when the password is attempted to save, an error will display in red indicating "The password does not meet the requirements below" and the unmet requirements display. The requirement where the password cannot contain 3 or more consecutive characters only displays if all other requirements are met.

NOTE: This will not affect existing passwords. This will apply to new users or a password reset.


New Columns on Flight Leg Search

New columns have been added to the Flight Leg Search page including the Aircraft Category Column, Operated By Column, and Document Number Column. These options have also been added to the list of Filter options allowing the user to filter the results for either Aircraft Category, Operated By, and/or Document Number by:

  • is

  • is not

  • starts with

  • ends with

  • contains

New Column on Trip Search Page

A new Display Column option has been added to the Trip Search page. The new column is titled “Operated By” on the Trip search page. This new option can be added as a display column and is also searchable using the quick search or the filters. If the user is using the Filters to search they will have the following search options available:

  • is

  • is not

  • starts with

  • ends with

  • Contains

The value that is displayed in the “Operated By” column in the Flight Leg Search table will depend on what type of aircraft is assigned to the trip.

  • The Company Name is displayed in the column if the aircraft assigned to the flight is listed within the My Company > Managed Aircraft list or is a Representative Aircraft/Fleet

  • The Vendor Name is displayed in the column if the aircraft assigned to the flight is Vendor Aircraft and/or if the aircraft is listed within Vendor Fleet

  • If there are multiple aircraft assigned to the trip (different on flights), then all operators are listed and separated by a comma as the display value. The operator names will not duplicate.

  • If there is no aircraft assignment then the Operated By value will display no value (blank).

Search Refactor and Security Improvements

In the various search pages listed below, when the user clicks search, if the number of results returned is greater than 100, it shows a gray bar at the top of the search page which covers up the export buttons and the quick search. It shows the number of records loaded and the total number of records coming back based on the filter. The number of records loaded increases to 2000 records each time until it gets to the total number. Once all of the records are loaded, the gray bar goes away and it shows the total number loaded along with the export and quick search functionality.

  • Flight Leg Search

  • Trip Search

  • Vendor Aircraft Search

  • Discrepancies Search

  • Case Management Search

  • Invoice Search

  • Vendor Search

  • Inspection Search

  • Pet Search

  • Deal Search

  • Crew Records Search

  • Lead Search

  • Job Card Search

  • Personnel Search

  • Aircraft Search

Since all of the records are now loaded on the page, we no longer have the paging element at the bottom right corner of the page and the selection to determine how many results to load per page. If the user loads more than 200 records and they scroll down the results, once they have gotten to the 200th record, it continues to load the next 200. The quick search does work across all results, but for performance reasons, there is “lazy loading” on the scroll.

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Flight Leg Status Color Customization

This update pertains to the color coding applied to the flight cards on the Operations Dashboard. The color bar located on the left side of the flight cards, along with the legend, has been updated to show the custom colors the user has set in

My Company>Profile>Schedule Board tab>Flight Leg Status.

Note: The legend will only update on a page refresh, not on the initial color change.

Create Quote/Trip Modal Improvements

Updates have been made to improve the ability to move the Create Quote/Trip Modal while on the Scheduling Calendar and the Schedule Board. You are now able to click on the header of the create modal and drag it off-screen allowing for a better view of details below the modal screen. Limitations on moving the modal offscreen include:

  • Only being able to drag the modal off-screen towards the right side of the screen or the bottom of the screen until the header Create Trip Or Quote reaches the edge. This is to prevent the modal from moving off-screen altogether without being able to retrieve it.

  • The modal is not able to move past the top of the Avianis page.

  • The modal is not able to move off-screen to the left of the page where the main navigation is.

Additionally, when an Account or Contact are assigned then the modal will still load the record details, but instead of expanding the page to fit the details, a scroll bar has been added to minimize the size of the create modal.


Trip Endpoints

This update provides the ability to update existing trip level information utilizing the API. A new v2 PUT endpoint to update trip info (not the flight legs in a trip) has been created. The data allows the user to update what is in the JSON and matches the main data from a trip level currently allowed for a trip in the Trip POST method. The same validation for POST has been added for the PUT. If any of the values are left off or left blank. it will clear the values in the system for those fields.

Trip Notes

This update gives the ability to create, update, delete, and pull notes for trips through the API. All of these endpoints apply to the Connect API (V2). Below are details of what is required to perform each action.

  • Create Trip Notes - A new POST endpoint has been added to create new Notes associated with trips. Only one note can be created via this endpoint at a time. The fields the user would need to be able to pass in are as follows: Trip ID (Trip GUID), Note, Note Category ID (GUID)

  • Delete Trip Notes - A new DELETE endpoint has been added to delete an existing Note associated with a trip has been added. The parameters the user would need to pass in are as follows: TripID (GUID ID), Note ID.

  • Update Trip Notes - A new PUT endpoint has been added to update an existing Note associated with a Trip. The fields the user would need to be able to pass in are as follows: Note ID, and Note Category ID (GUID - Optional). The following required parameters are what would pass in: TripID (Trip GUID) and Note ID

  • Pull Trip Notes - A new GET endpoint has been created to pull Notes associated with trips. The field the user would need to be able to pass in is the Trip ID (Trip GUID). It would return all notes tied to that trip (not the ones on the flight legs) and it would return the following information: ID, Note, and Note Category (name, id).

Quote Expiration in Trip

In the GET/connect/v2/Trip/{id} endpoint, a new value has been added to the bookedQuote node for expirationDate. This update allows the user to add booked quote expiration date via the API by referencing the expiration date field that is on the quote that is booked.

Deal Create Endpoint

This update will allow the aircraft type to pass through without the tail number being required. When just the aircraftType is passed in and not the tail, the aircraft type would show in the aircraft column in the deal leg. If just the tail number is passed in, then it would show the tail like it currently does. If both the tail number and the aircraft type are passed in, then it would show the tail in the aircraft column on the deal.


Removed Fixed Arrows on Trip Cards

An update has been made within the Schedule Board when in the fixed-width view. if an event on the schedule (flight, event, MX, etc) crosses multiple days, it now shows triangles in the bottom left and right corners. The background color of the triangles is determined by the assigned text color for the event card.

This replaces the arrows that were previously displayed in the middle of the event card indicating the event carried over from the previous day (triangle left) or continues into the next day (triangle right).

Performance Updates

The following updates have been done to increase the user experience when working within the Schedule Board.

  • Quick Filters - There is no longer a delay to filter the results in the relevant section. Once the user starts to type, the Schedule Board will update automatically with the results.

  • Drag & Drop Feature - Users can now drag a flight from one aircraft to another aircraft without initiating a full reload of the schedule. When this action is performed the flight event will display in its new location and is grayed out. This allows the user to continue working with the Schedule Board while the recent changes finish saving.

    Once the save is successful a green banner appears confirming the change has been saved and includes the leg number, trip number, and routing. This applies when moving flights between aircraft within and between the fleet, aircraft, and vendor timelines.

  • Auto-Refresh - The Schedule Board’s auto-refresh no longer displays a spinning Avianis icon or overlay on the user’s screen. The refresh occurs in the background and updates the screen once complete without stopping the user from interacting with the page while the refresh is happening.


  • Email replies not sending to address set in Email Default Rely To setting

  • Duty Time Discrepancy Between Aircraft and Crew Schedules

  • Discrepancy shows past the closed date on Schedule Board

  • Custom Locations timezone change between Quote and Trip

  • Crew Only Services appearing in the Client Portal

  • Deferred Discrepancy to adjust within the portal view when cleared

  • API Error on Endpoint: Get/connect/v2/Trip/{id}

  • After pax are added/removed from the trip, the user is redirected to the services tab

  • Adjust APIS API departure airport information

  • When adding a new contact in the trip pax tab, pax email does not save

  • Added legs via Chalkboard automatically marked as hidden

  • Task Notification Toggle incorrectly displays "No" and error received when toggling to "Yes"

  • Special characters '( )' displaying within the email subject erroneously

  • MX Inspection items flags are not listed in chronological order within Feasibility & Tools after inserting flight legs

  • Countries Considered Domestic - Invalid Countries Added/Imported

  • Misalignment of Country Database between Service Automation & Manual Service Request

  • Logbook values are not appearing correctly within the activity feed (V2)

  • Job Card Return to Service date before Out of Service date

  • International Checklist - EAPIS Status Incorrect

  • Interisland CARICOM Submission Missing

  • Inactive User Profiles receiving flight following notifications

  • Ground Transportation Vendor Duplicates

  • Great Circle error for same department and arrival airport

  • FRAT score does not equal numbers checked off

  • Flightaware updates "Inactive" flights

  • Flight time threshold not flagging within flight log when exceeded

  • Flight log saved with invalid date via the API

  • Flight leg.Log logged via Web

  • FA/CSR appearing in Flight Log Personnel dropdown in Web application

  • End of the month trips not visible on Client Portal trip search page

  • Email Template not allowing for multiple tail numbers

  • Unable to edit/cancel room reservations

  • Apply to Jet Card box

  • Connect API Trip Create Issue

  • Services showing the incorrect date format when set to YYY.MM.DD

  • Search Function in Files

  • Rename deletion text of country line item child record

  • Remove Ack Label on Flight Log

  • Reg Set once applied it is not checked for subsequent Reg type changes

  • Reg Set "Apply to All" Results in Error

  • Receiving "Error Occurred" flag with Trip Stage missing from Feasibility & Tools

  • Quotes not displaying on deals widget

  • Personnel can be directly assigned to vendor aircraft

  • Vendors Missing from Client Portal

  • User Roles not saving within Personnel Search Page

  • Change Loader on Finance Console Tabs to not Disable the Tabs

  • Incorrect Pax Count within Flightbridge

  • Unable to delete the Fuelerlinx Login Credentials

  • Trip Type +50 Character not saved

  • Text in the Description box in Service Templates gets cut off after saving

  • Task Reminder Emails sent to an unauthorized user

  • Able to check Special Flight Permit or Billable option by clicking on the checkbox next to the field

  • Invoice Payment Status Incorrect

  • Update max number of characters for MX restrictions

  • Inactive Personnel on Program, Schedule

  • Dollar amount on the itinerary tab in an Invoice

  • Negative Balance displayed for Jet Card total within Invoice

  • Changing Training Item to not be Recurrent

  • Deleting File Shared with all Personnel results in error

  • Airport hours exception times intersect error

  • Aircraft profiles being created without home base causing error 500 when accessing the profile

  • Fuel Density Value not auto-populating and saving with the flight log

  • Trip Service Tab Display Bug

  • Transient availability is not populating correctly on the crew schedule

  • Aircraft Category selection in Aircraft Type Condition in Task Template not pulling into trip

  • Override can be bypassed when booking quote to trip

  • Services add/edit - Vendor loading failed if Flight Leg is N/A

  • Selecting Timeline Edit from the saved search manage page returns a Server Error in '/' Application

  • Quote Activity Feed when account is changed

  • Ops Dashboard: Trip Services button not displaying any info

  • OOOI on Duty Log are Incorrect

  • Crew Regulatory time off compliance: Error executing feasibility check

  • API: Account endpoints fail to find data

  • Able to create locations without a country

  • Removing Event Records with Out of Order Start/End dates from Feasibility Data Sources

  • Verified leg changing to In Review

  • Quote account snapshot balance should reflect the remaining jet card balance

  • Schedule Board is not sorting the resources in Alphanumeric Order

  • Inconsistent/Unresponsive Expenses Search Table

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