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Operations and Trip Configurations
Operations and Trip Configurations
Trip settings, trip configurations, and default trip items (duty, regulations, etc.)
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This article explains:

  • Various settings related to operations on an overall account level


To access these settings proceed to Operations from the main navigation, click on the settings tab and select "Configuration"

Default Trip Type

Designate a default trip type to be selected for all new trips. Trip Types can be customized by the operation in Operations > Settings > Classifications > Trip Types.

Default Regulatory

Designate a default regulatory for automation at the trip leg level. Additionally, modify the leg regulatory within a trip on the leg level.

Default Regulatory Set

Designate a default regulatory set for automation at the quote and trip level. Once set, when a quote and/or trip is created the default regulatory set applies. When a quote is booked into a trip, the regulatory set from the quote translates to the trip. When a trip is created from a deal or the Connect API the default applies as well.

Pre/Post Duty Domestic and International

Configure the pre and post time the organization considers for duty. These values are considered in the estimated duty calculations pre trip.

Taxi Time Variant

This value is added to the proposed flight time. This time is overridden per aircraft if there is a time entered in 'Taxi Time' on the Aircraft Profile (e.g. for helicopters).

Lap Child Age Limit (Years)

Max age to be considered a lap child based on the DOB entered in the contact record. Passengers less than this age are excluded from the seat count on a flight. Flags as blue in the feasibility check indicating that the passenger is a lap child

Minor Child Age Limit (Years)

Max age to be considered a minor based on entered DOB entered in the contact record. Flags blue in the feasibility check indicating that the passenger is a minor.

Service Request Status

A leg related service request in one of the listed status' prevents the leg status from being set to Released.

Offline Leg Status

Users can setup specific leg statuses that are effected by an offline event being saved. For example, if the Release and En-route statuses are selected and a user marks an aircraft as offline, the system prompts them to address legs that are in the future with these statuses by changing those trips to In Review automatically.

Countries Considered Domestic

This setting has two functions. First, when countries are selected, it negates the international pre/post duty setting and considers the domestic pre/post duty settings for calculating the estimated duty at the trip level. Secondly, when a master line item is created for overnights and the calculation type is international, but the country is considered "domestic" for monetary reasons, the fee calculates at the domestic rate.

Estimated Flight Time Rounding/Actual Flight Time Rounding

Set whether the account should round the estimated (quote and trip) flight times and actual flight times. Below is the rounding table (this cannot be altered):

Check out Set Flight Rounding for more on this.

When rounding is set to Yes for Estimated and/or Actual, the Rounding Method needs to be set for 10th of an Hour or Up 5 Minutes. When 10th of an hour is selected, it rounds according to the table mentioned above. When up 5 minutes is selected, it rounds to the nearest 5 minutes.

Required Regulatory for Legs

With this set to yes, a regulatory type is required for all legs within a trip. If a regulatory type isn't selected, a critical warning displays in the Trip Feasibility.

Use Segment Release Codes

When set to yes, the dispatch release option is available in the trip overview page and the Ref Number field is available in the flight log. This field can be used for entering a unique dispatch release number and corresponding Ref Number field in the flight log.

Trip Overview:

Flight Log:

Skip Pending Stage for Booked Quotes

With this set to 'no', when a quote is booked it moves to the "pending" trip stage. For example, if you have a client that is holding the aircraft and you're confident they're going to book, but the paperwork has not been received yet this allows the user to place the trip on the schedule for all to view in a "pending" status.

Enable Local/Zulu Toggle on Flight Logs

With the default set to 'yes' the user has the ability to toggle between either option when logging actual flight times.

Require Crew Acknowledgement

If this setting is set to 'yes' and a crew does not acknowledge their flight leg, flags are visible in the trip feasibility. If a crew member has already acknowledged the leg when set change control items change the crew acknowledgment reverts back to "no" on the pilot side and in the trip snapshot informs ops the crew has not acknowledged the flight leg. For more on the Change Control Settings, refer to this helpful guide.

Acknowledge on Behalf of Crew

If set to YES, allows users with specific user roles to ack the flight leg for the crew.

Calculate Estimated Day/Night Hours Based on Flight or Block

Designate whether estimated day/night hour calculations are occurring in the flight log and if they are based on flight or block time.

Note: The values are an estimate only and the crew member should review and manually adjust if necessary.

Check Crew Members Against Regulatory Types

When set to 'yes', a check is run and a flag is provided in the Trip Feasibility > Crew section as a critical item if the regulatory type selected on the personnel profile and the regulation per leg does not match in the trip.

Run Crew Conflict Checks when Added to Trip

When set to 'yes' and crew members are assigned to trips and flight legs, a pop-up displays all applicable crew conflicts that are listed in the Trip Feasibility > Crew section. Items include travel document status, medical status, training currency, regulatory set limitation, and experience checks as well as crew acknowledgement status (if enabled).

If the Run Crew Conflict check is not enabled, the information is still available in the Trip Feasibility > Crew section, but does not pop up as crewing.

Enable SIC logging PIC time

When set to 'yes', if a crew member flies as a SIC on an aircraft but is PIC qualified, the SIC accumulates PIC hours for the legs flown. If it is set to no, the SIC continues to log the hours as SIC. The crew member must have a type rating created in their personnel profile with a PIC position.

Hide Reimbursable Expenses on Trip and Flight Log

When set to 'yes', the expenses designated reimbursable in a trip is hidden when the user opens the expense tab. They have the option to show them temporarily. If set to 'No," all expenses including reimbursable items display by default, and the option to show/hide is available for quick review.

Change Controls By

Option to select if change controls are set by trip stage or leg status. If set to Leg Status, the change control options are removed from the trip stage create/edit modal and added to the leg status in the Flight Leg Status section. The Crew Acknowledgement toggle or Crew Acknowledgement severity drop down are also removed from the trip stage configuration when toggled to Leg Status.

Show Active Status Flights to Crew

Option to select if legs in the Active status show on the assigned crew member's schedule. If set to YES, they appear on My Schedule both on the web and mobile app.


Lock Trip Type

Designate whether to lock the trip type once the scheduled time of the first leg is met. If either of these is set to lock, user roles can be designated that is still be able to adjust the field after the fact if necessary.

Lock Regulatory Set

Designate whether to lock the regulatory set once the scheduled time of the first leg is met. If either of these is set to lock, user roles can be designated that is still be able to adjust the field after the fact if necessary.

Trip Lock Leg Verification

A flight log for legs in the status entered is locked making the flight log read-only. Also, a user is not able to lock a trip until all legs in the trip are in the assigned status.

ATC Flight Time Configurations

Enable when enhanced flight planning (if enabled in the aircraft profile) is used based on a quote, trip, domestic, and/or international. For more on the enhanced flight planning functionality, review the Calculate with Flight Planning guide.

Ref: O-O09

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