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Schedule Board: Crew Assignment and Auto-Crew
Schedule Board: Crew Assignment and Auto-Crew
Utilizing the Crew Assignment feature which includes Auto-Crew
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Create Assignment gives the ability to assign crew to a tail with duty positions for a duration of time (independently of duty), and Auto-Crew associates a crew member to a specific tail and time period. These features are only available on the Schedule Board.

This article covers the following:

  • How to set up assignments to view

  • how to create a crew assignment

  • how to enable Auto Crew within the crew assignment



If using this feature, it is recommended to update the Event Type > Assignment for the Schedule Board Templates in either My Company > Profile > Default Event Templates or the User's Schedule board settings.

Schedule board settings > Templates tab:

Crew Assignments can also have custom colors from My Company > Profile> Schedule Board > Event type Colors.


The crew assignment feature gives the ability to assign crew to a tail with duty positions for a duration of time. This assignment can be a reference for who to crew when trips are scheduled for the defined duration of time or it supports an auto-crewing function.

Create via Icon

Create the Assignment from the schedule board using the "Add Events/Availability (+) drop-down":

Create via Right Click

Or by right-clicking "Create Assignment" on the Aircraft line and Date Column from the Schedule Board:

Complete Assignment

  • Enter the appropriate Start and End dates and times

  • The Start airport is required if the "Local" timezone is selected and is identified along with all of the required fields with an Asterisk

  • Choose the desired positions for the assignment

  • Select the (+) to continue

  • Click Save

Note: if one position is selected and a placeholder for the second position is desired, leave the "Add Crew" field blank for it to appear as TBD on the Schedule Board.

Schedule Board Settings must have "Include Crew Assignments" set to YES in both the Aircraft and Crew tabs for them to appear in those sections. Once the assignment is saved, and "Include Crew Assignments" is toggled to YES, the crew assignment will appear on the Schedule Board.



When the Auto Crew Flights toggle is in the "Yes" position, the assigned crew are automatically crewed on all trips within the scheduled time frame on the selected aircraft. This applies to any previously created or new trips.

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