International Trip Planning 

International Planning Tab
Permits, Regulatory and Security request types have been moved to their own area in the main tab strip of the trip and are no longer managed in the Requests/Services tab. Each request type shows essential information without having to click into the item. A new section has also been added to the trip snapshot which displays any of these international requests that have not been satisfied.

Canadian APIS
Operators are now able to submit Canadian inbound and outbound APIS directly through the application. Each operators has to be approved with CBSA before submitting live transmissions.

Additional Document Types
CANPASS, ESTA, ePassport, TSA Precheck and Global Entry have been added as options when adding travel documents to a contact or personnel membe

Trip/Quote Related

Auto-Populate Aircraft on Quote/Trip Create
If an account is associated to one aircraft in the system, it will automatically select that tail number when creating quotes/trips for that account. The aircraft can always be adjusted if it needs to be a different tail number. If the account has more than one aircraft associated to it, no aircraft will be automatically selected.

Aircraft Vendor Names in Quote and Trip
If a vendor aircraft is utilized in a quote or trip, the vendor's name now shows next to the tail number

Client Preference Display on Trip/Quote Creation
When an account and/or primary contact is selected in the trip/quote creation page, their preference information will now show below without leaving the page.

Proposed Flight Time On Trip/Quote Creation
In addition to the proposed block time for each leg, the proposed flight time is now displayed during the quote/trip creation process.

Case Management
Cases can be created directly from within a trip and allows users to document service issues and whether they effected specific customers, contacts and which vendor was involved

Greaseboard Display Updates
On the aircraft and crew schedule, users will see the proposed block, duty and rest times in the order instead of the previous display which was duty, rest and block.

Night Landing Currency Exemption
Additional parameters have been added to the Experience area of the regulatory sets which allows users to document alternate night landing currency parameters

Vendor Aircraft

Aircraft Insurance Expiration Date
Aircraft insurance expiration date has been added to the vendor aircraft profile and can be factored into aircraft searches. This allows users to easily identify aircraft that are missing an insurance expiration date or where it will be expiring shortly.


Personnel Watchlist Notification to Group Email

If a group is associated to the Watchlist upload, that group will now be emailed when a personnel watchlist is run instead of just the individual that ran it.


Auto-Update Leg Status Based On Aircraft Offline Event
Organizations can now setup specific leg status' in the Global Settings that are effected by an offline event being saved. For example, if the Release and Enroute status' are selected and a user marks an aircraft as offline, the system will prompt them on which legs are in the future and in one of these status' and will be moved to In Review automatically.

Job Card Offline Display Update
Display updates have been made to the offline event creation form. The airport selection is now at the top of the list and the labels have been updated to ensure it is clear what they are for (Out of Service, Projected Return to Service and Actual Return to Service).


Pre-Tax Total Display On Quote
The pre-tax total for quotes is now displayed in the totals area towards the top of the page.

Tax Selection Per Leg In Quote
If a quote is marked as Retail, users can not designate which legs are taxable and at what rate (Passenger or Cargo).

Fuel Surcharge Based on Flight or Block
When adding a line item to a quote with a calculation method of "Fuel Surcharge" there is now an additional selection to determine if it should calculate the fuel surcharge based on Flight Time, Block Time or whatever calculation method is selected on the overall quote.



Hourly Based Jet Cards
In additional to dollar based jet card, users are now able to document hourly based cards as well. Create an hourly or monetary jet card on the account level. In the invoice, a Jet Card selection is available and users can assign the Jet Card as a payment method for specific line items on the invoice which will deduct from the overall hourly balance


Aircraft Type Mapping for FlightSafety International
In the global settings area for FlightSafety, users can now map their aircraft models to a FlightSafety aircraft type along with the existing mapping to the FlightSafety model. If a type rating is associated to the model, the qualifications for all models tied to that type will be updated while the log book will still remain down to the model.

FlightBridge Trip Sync
Trips details will automatically be synced to FlightBridge as soon as a trip is moved out of Pending.

Portal Updates

Customer Portal Trip

Flight legs will now display gray in the trip detail page of the customer portal if actual flight logs have been entere

Customer Portal Email
When a customer enters a travel request or updates an existing trip from within the customer portal, the email to the Avianis customer portal admin will now include the aircraft tail number in the subject line.

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