Calendar Updates

Additional designations and information
Users can not easily see if a flight leg is marked as empty as well as if a log has been entered by the crew. The flight leg status has also been added to the calendar display

Vendor Updates

Vendor contact approval and role based approval restrictions
Users are now able to designate a vendor contact as approved and specify dates where the approval is active. Additional restrictions have also been put in place so only users with certain roles are able to approve vendors and vendor contacts (Admin, Ops Manager, Scheduling Manager, Sales Manager, Finance Manager, Maintenance Manager, Crew Records Manager).

Crew Qualification Updates

Training Type and comments
Users are now able to setup their own custom training types (ex. Initial, Recurrent, Transition, etc) and specify which type applies when updating a qualification item. A comments field has also been added to the qualification item to capture important information about that training record. All of this information is displayed within the history of that item.

Flight Safety International automation
Users are now able to map the aircraft models they fly to the Flight Safety International models. Once a training record comes over through the integration, a logbook entry is automatically created and relevant qualification items are updated. The verification screen is still present to review the information but the verification process is no longer necessary to update the records.

Trip Updates

Warning message when deleting flight leg with associations
If a user tries to delete a flight leg on a trip with associated instructions, requests, expenses or tasks it will show these related records in the delete prompt to ensure the user is aware of the records. They will still be able to delete the leg and associated records if required.

Domestic country selections
Users were already able to specify pre/post duty values for domestic vs international itineraries. In addition, additional countries can be added on a company or aircraft level which will also use domestic pre and post duty times (in additional to the aircraft's home base country).

Task template due dates
If a task template item has a due date based on the Initial Departure Date or Final Arrival Date of the trip, the date will now dynamically update if a change is made to these dates in a trip.

eAPIS submission updates
When submitting eAPIS for part 135 or 91 flights, there are now additional address while in the US selection options. Users can either select to use different addresses for each passenger/crew, utilize the FBO address or use a custom address for everyone.

Quote Updates

Manually associate quotes to trip
If a quote has been created but is not already associated with a trip, users can now manually tie it to an existing trip. On the same vein, they are also able to remove a quote from a trip if it no longer needs to be associated (the quote will still be in the system).

Charge based on flight or block
Users are now able to specify whether they would like to charge based on flight or block time on quotes. This can be set when configuring an aircraft's standard rates or within a custom price sheet for a customer. All line items in a quote that utilize the leg times will update based on the calculation selected on that quote

Flight Log Updates

VOR Check
Flight crew are now able to document VOR checks directly from within the Event tab on the flight log page.

Passenger boarding status
In the "Show/Hide Manifest" area of the flight log, flight crew can easily view passenger information including Full Name, Nickname, DOB, weight and Gender. Passengers can also be marked as boarded directly within this area and will show in the Pax tab of the trip for reference as well.

Additional weight and balance fields
When entering weight and balance values, flight crew will now be able to capture Landing Weight and Max Landing Weight if needed

Hobbs time updates
If Hobbs Meter is enabled for an aircraft, the Hobbs time entered on a flight log will now display at the top of the page along with Flight and Block time. The total Hobbs time on the aircraft will also show on the right side of the page for easy reference. In addition, a starting Hobbs time has been added for each engine on the aircraft to capture total hours based on Hobbs instead of flight time.

An additional field is also now available in the aircraft profile tab which allows a baseline Hobbs value to be entered. This will be added to the total Hobbs hours the system calculates to ensure that operators can accommodate for a Hobbs replacement on an aircraft.

FBO Information
The departure and arrival FBO details have been added to the right side of the flight log page for crew members to reference

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