Airport Notes Update
A new airport notes management console has been added under the main Airports area of the main navigation. This provides a list view of all airport notes in the system and allows users to easily manage relevant notes. Users are able to designate the type of note (operational or customs), the severity level for the the quote/trip snapshots (Info, Warning or Critical) and can tie the note to more than one airport at a time.

Default eAPIS Documents
Travel documents that are marked as Default will automatically be selected during the eAPIS submittal process to streamline the user experience and ensure the right document gets transmitted to CBP. If another document needs to be utilized other than the default, users are still able to override this and select the other document for use in a specific trip leg. A column has been added to the travel document tables for personnel and contacts to indicate which documents are default and also to show which country each document is associated with.

Account-Level FBO Preferences
If an account level FBO preference is set for a specific Airport/FBO, it will override the company-level preferred FBO if one is set. The FBO for the trip legs can always be adjusted after the preferred is selected.

Day of the Week Display
On quote and trip itineraries, the day of the week abbreviation now displays for the departure and arrival airports.

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