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Convert an active Tail to a Vendor Tail
Convert an active Tail to a Vendor Tail
Step by Step Instruction for how to Convert an Active or Managed Tail to a Vendor Tail
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This article will cover:

  • How to Create a Vendor Tail

  • How to inactivate the Active or Managed tail from the Aircraft Database

Identify or Create the Vendor

From the Vendors Module, Search for the name of the Charter Operator of the Tail.

  • If there is not one, create one by selecting the “Create” Button. Make sure to select the appropriate Vendor TYPE (Charter Operator for example).

    Note: It is not recommended to create the Charter Operator’s name from the Tail number because it will cause confusion.

Create the Vendor Tail and Inactivate Aircraft

  • From the Vendor Profile navigate to the Aircraft Tab and select the Create Button.

    1. Enter the Tail Number

    2. A warning will appear Warning: There are active duplicate aircraft for this tail number. Click the tail number below if you would like to deactivate it. Click on the Tail number and Inactivate it.

    3. Choose the From Aircraft Option

    4. Copy from the Tail Number which will copy the profile of that tail:

    5. Your Choice to Save and Edit or Save and Close

Create Vendor Aircraft

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