Application Updates

Requests/Services Update
Requests and orders have been consolidated into one tab in the trip record. Users can easily view and manage their general and leg-specific requests from one area. Additional fields have been added to associate the request to a specific airport and document start and end dates/times. Users can search for service providers and easily add them to the request as well as generate expenses once the request is satisfied. Documents can also be uploaded directly to the request to better manage all of the pertinent details.

Hotel Search
Users are now able to search for lodging via Expedia from within the trip their working in. Hotel details such as distance from airport, ratings, amenities and room types are displayed within Avianis. Once the optimal hotel is confirmed, users can easily add the hotel and reservation details to the associated service request and trip documents.

Contact Pilot Designation
Users can now designate a contact on an account record as a pilot. Once the pilot position is selected, anytime the account is scheduled on a trip, the selected pilot will display as an option to select for PIC, SIC, ACM or FA.

Snapshot & Tools
The Snapshot and Tools section of both quotes and trips have been optimized resulting in a lesser load time. Additionally, this area is set to hide until the user expands to view the details, which now includes the stage of the quote/trip.

Watchlist Warnings
If a new watchlist has been released since the last time a manifest was checked, it will display a warning in the manifest tab and snapshot and allow users to re-run the list.

Additional Travel Document Types
Additional travel document types have been added to user and contact profiles to accommodate for our upcoming integration with eAPIS.

Cost Centers/Business Units
Cost centers/business units can be added to Avianis and will be available to select per leg within trips. Customer accounts can be assigned to cost centers/business units so they only show as options when that account is on a trip.

International Report Additions
A new international reports selection is available when printing trip documents. In addition to the GENDEC and International Manifest, CANPASS and the 178 Form are now options.

Flightdocs Integrations
FlightDocs users are able to send flight log data and pull due items directly into Avianis. All due item conflicts will automatically flag within the quote and trip screen to avoid potential conflicts.

Flight Log Display Updates
When users click into the Ending APU Hrs, Ending APU Cycles, Fuel Added, Fuel Out, Fuel In, Fuel Burn and Instrument fields, it will clear out the placeholder values to avoid having to manually clear them each time.

Customer Portal
We have launched our new and improved customer portal which allows companies to grant access to owners and clients. Users can view details and print documents for quotes, trips and invoices. Quote/trip requests can be initiated directly from the portal and come through Avianis to be fulfilled. Users can also view upcoming flights and maintenance events on their aircraft and other aircraft that they fly. Trip details such as passenger manifest information and requests can even be managed if desired.

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