Application Updates

Copy or Create Aircraft from Templates
When creating a new aircraft, users now have the ability to select a standard template or copy an existing profile from their fleet. Aircraft templates include baseline performance data to streamline the setup process.

Deferred Discrepancy Updates
Deferred discrepancies now have one deferral type designation as either an MEL, CDL or NEF. The deferral date will automatically calculate for Category B, C and D MELs and NEFs.

Users are now also able to extend deferrals as well as document the deferral source and whether a special flight permit was requested.

Maintenance On Call Selection
A new field has been added to the trip to designate who is the maintenance on call contact.One or multiple maintenance on call personnel can be associated to a specific tail number which will automatically select them for trips on that aircraft.

Events for Aircraft and Containers
Events can now be tied to both a container and an aircraft on the aircraft schedule. This allows for the event to be viewed in both places on the calendar without creating duplicate entries.

Hire Date
Users are now able to document a users hire date within their profile.

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