Add multiple passengers to a trip at once
Adding new passengers to a trip is easier than ever in Avianis. Users can add multiple contacts to their account at once without ever leaving their trip.

FRAT Approval
When a FRAT score exceeds the set tolerances, users are able to designate whether they want approvals to be required in order to document mitigated risk.

Leg by Leg search
In the main trip search page, users will be able to look at a leg by leg view along with the existing trip by trip search. The new view will display the FRAT status and whether any approvals are necessary.

Additional calendar filters
Additional calendar filters provide the user the ability to view and order their aircraft by aircraft type, regulatory type as well as by tags.

Access flight log from greaseboard
When viewing your grease board, click into any trip and access the flight log to enter the times reported.

Approach type no longer required
Save the out, off, on, and in times without having to note the approach type in the flight log. With the approach type option turned off in global settings, it's no longer a required field.

Customize profit analysis cost
Analyze each quote's profit on the fly. Alter the contract type on vendor aircraft and managed aircraft as you create quotes to obtain a more accurate profit percentage value.

Auto-select leg status based on trip stage
Users are able to associate leg statuses such as active, in review, released, verified or cancelled to the various trip stages. For example, users can automatically set all legs in the trip to “Released” when the trip as a whole moves to “Dispatched”.

Stage and override permissions

Users can now define who in the organization has the ability to progress a trip through the various stages. Additionally, when warning or critical hard stops are set, users can designate specific roles the have the ability to override the trip to this stage.

Leg status change management

Many changes can occur after a trip has been dispatched. The new and improved leg status and trip staging associations allow users to control when a leg needs to be automatically changed to in-review. Changes like passengers, crew assignment, airports, regulatory type, FBOs and/or scheduled times are all items that can be factored in.

Task List Templates
General and trip-specific task lists can be created within Avianis. General task lists can be manually applied to any record in the system which helps standardize internal processes such as adding a new employee to the team or an aircraft to the fleet.

Trip specific tasks can be initiated automatically on the creation of a trip or at any stage through the process. When creating a new trip task item, it can be assigned to a specific group or a certain user on a trip (Sales Rep, Flight Coordinator,  PIC, etc.). Automatic notifications can be set to alert users when they have a a new task assigned to them or a group they are in. 

In addition, conditions can be set for any trip task item so it only creates when a specific situation occurs. The conditions that can be set are based on the aircraft/aircraft type, airport/country and account/contact. Create a task list for domestic, international operations or even when operating into a more restricted location like KDCA.

Contact Address Records
In addition to the primary address in the contact profile, users are now able to add any number of additional addresses. Address types can be customized to match the needs of each organization.

SIFL Reporting

A separate purpose tab has been added to the trip which allows users to easily select the purpose for all passengers on all legs. If a different purpose needs to be set for a specific passenger on a leg, it can still be updated manually in the manifest tab. An additional selection has been added to designate the responsible party or parties on a trip per leg. Once selected, each passenger can be tied to a host for more accurate SIFL reporting.

Quote Snapshot Updates for Crew

If crew members are directly assigned to a specific tail number, the crew section of the quote snapshot will look at those specific personnel for conflicts. Just like the trip snapshot, this will look at direct trip overlaps, offline events, duty/block restrictions, expired documents, medicals and qualifications.

Performance Enhancements
Overall page performance was a large focus in this release. Users will notice significant performance increases across the application but more specifically in the trip and quote pages.

Enhanced Dashboard View

The home dashboard has been updated to provide easy access to a users own tasks, tasks for groups they are a part of and an administrative view to view others tasks (with the proper roles). This makes it easy to manage all of the items for one consolidated location. Users are also able to view all of the records they follow and ones they have accessed recently.

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