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Log a Flight Leg (Pilot Perspective - Logbook V2)
Log a Flight Leg (Pilot Perspective - Logbook V2)
A guide on how crew members can access their schedules, flights and save flight data in V2 Logbook
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Access the flight log to submit flight times. This guide will outlines:

  • how to access and save the flight log; and

  • the requirements and definitions of the fields

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There are two ways to access the flight log, through My Schedule and Scheduling. To access through My Schedule:

  1. Go to My Schedule

  2. Click on the Trip to access the flight log.

3. Input the applicable data and click Save

The log allows for partial data submission. For example, input the Out and Off times, Aircraft Ready, Passenger Show and Fuel Out upon departure. After arrival, record On and In times and Passenger Disembark. As the data is entered, the T/O and Landing selections become available when applicable.

3 Crew / Augmented Crew

In the event there are 3 crew members assigned, one each assigned to PIC, PIC-Alt and SIC positions, an additional field displays within the Pilot Flying section called "Away from Flight Deck Duty" which aligns with the Flight Deck Time limitation in the reg set.

Once OOOI times are logged, the Pilot Flying section opens up and the Away from Flight Deck Duty field defaults to 0. Validations run to ensure Day + Night + Away from Flight Deck Duty time for any one pilot, does not exceed block time or flight time determined by the configuration settings. If time is exceeded, a critical message appears stating "Total Time cannot be more than Flight/Block Time" and the flight log cannot be saved until the error is resolved.

Time entered in the Away from Flight Deck Duty field adds that amount of time back to the total remaining balance to be allocated to another assigned crew member.

When a crew member is assigned as PIC-Alt and flight time is allocated to their crew time totals, the flight time is earned based on the same rules as PIC.


  1. Pilot Flying time will auto-calculate to Day or Night if the global trip setting is enabled

  2. All times must be entered prior to recording Pilot Flying time

  3. Take Off Event can be recorded after entering Out and Off times

  4. Landing Event can be recorded after entering On and In times

  5. Pilot Flying totals must equal block time on the flight leg

  6. Pilot Flying Time: If time is deducted from either Day or Night value, a time remaining value will auto-calculate and then need to be added to the respective, day or night box.


The requirements to complete a flight log are:

  • Out, Off, On and In Date and Time

  • T/O Number, Type and Crew member

  • Land Number, Type and Crew member

  • Appr, Type and Crew member

  • If pax on board the following fields are required

    • Aircraft Ready (UTC) - must be before Out and Off

    • Passenger Show (UTC) - must be before Out and Off

    • Passenger Disembark (UTC) - must be after On and In

The following fields are in the flight log:

  • Hobbs Start: [If Enabled]

  • Out, Off, On, In: Input in Zulu unless enabled to input in Local

  • Hobbs End: [If Enabled]

  • Pilot Flying: Crew Selection, Day, Night, Instrument

  • Flight Events: Crew Selection, Event (Take off, Landing, Approach), Type (Day or Night), Occurrences.

    • Additional events can be added by clicking the + button

  • Components

    • Engine 1: Hours (calculated from Flight time), Cyc: Default is 1, Serial #

    • Engine 2: Hours (calculated from Flight time), Cyc: Default is 1, Serial #

    • APU 1: Hours (enter either time used or total APU value), Cycle

  • Fuel Out (Gal):

  • Fuel In: Value in the metric defined by the operation

  • Fuel Burn: calculated based on Fuel Out - Fuel In

  • Fuel Added (Gal)

  • Tech Consumption:

  • Fuel Drain

  • Fuel Density

  • Flight Level: Value

  • SAT: Static Air Temperature

  • IAS: Indicated Airspeed

  • Anti-Icing: Yes/No

  • Delay: Customize the list of delay reasons

  • Diversion Airport: Selection of the Diversion Airport

Completed Example:

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