Feasibility List
Trip feasibility flags in one location for quick and easy review and resolution
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The Feasibility tab serves as a universal page that evaluates the feasibility of every flight. As issues are resolved, the data and flags on this page are updated. The page refreshes automatically every 1 min showing new results based on the latest feasibility checks for all future trips.

All warning and critical trip feasibility flags for trips for the specified time period display in this area and can be filtered by area.

NOTE: This feature is dependent upon a module that must be enabled.

Feasibility Tab

Feasibility List Columns

The list contains the following columns. The columns can be clicked on to sort but cannot be moved horizontally to reorder.

  1. Severity: displays the color of the feasibility flag, either red or yellow.

  2. Feasibility Area: displayed in parenthesis

  3. Feasibility Item: text displayed in the feasibility item, what is the flag for

  4. Trip: Trip Number with a hyperlink that opens the trip record in a new tab when clicked

  5. Aircraft: Tail number and aircraft type displayed in parenthesis

  6. Operated By: pulls in the operator as displayed in the trip overview within the flight leg

  7. Trip Type: Trip type of the trip

  8. Dept (Z): Scheduled departure time in UTC of the leg

  9. Departure: Departure airport identifier (ICAO if it exists, then IATA, then FAA)

  10. Arrival: Arrival airport identifier (ICAO if it exists, then IATA, then FAA)

  11. Arrive (Z): Scheduled arrival time in UTC of the leg

  12. Status: Flight leg status

  13. Pax: Passenger count (pets excluded)


3 filter options display at the top of the page.

  1. Time Frame

    1. 3 day (default)

    2. 5 day

    3. 7 day

  2. Feasibility Area

    1. Blank by default - all areas shown in the results

    2. Select an area or areas by using the drop down box to narrow down the results

  3. Severity

    1. Warning/Critical

    2. Warning

    3. Critical

Reload Button

Click the reload button to manually refresh the results. This is used on-demand to clear warnings before the auto refresh occurs.


  • The list does not contain blue/info items.

  • Filters applied do not save and will be removed upon refresh

  • Certificate segmentation: Certificates are predefined for the logged in user.

    • If the logged in user is tied to a certificate, that user will only see flights on aircraft for their certificate.

    • If the logged in user is not tied to a certificate then the user will see all trips

  • Excludes logged legs, canceled legs, and inactive trips.

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