Quote and Trip Snapshot Updates (see the additional features for the quote and trip snapshots)
Additional information is now included in the quote and trip snapshots. Warnings are provided when an airport requires slots, if it's not a 24 hour operation or if it's not an airport of entry and the itinerary requires one. Additionally, essential FRAT status and scores are included in the trip snapshot to assist in the safety management of the organization.

Avinode Integration
The Avinode integration is now available! Avinode customers have the ability to view all of their trip requests directly within Avianis. Users can create one or more quotes from the request, track deal stages and designate whether the request was won, lost or cancelled and why. In addition, availability information will be pushed to Avinode which will cut down on requests that cannot be fulfilled and increase potential revenue opportunities.

Deal Tracking
Deals can be created from or tied to existing quotes within Avianis. This allows sales teams to accurately track potential revenue and more effectively analyze the reasons they are losing sales opportunities.

Custom Email Subject Lines (learn how to customize the subject line)
Users now have the ability to customize the email subject line for each document type. Either create a more generic subject line or utilize dynamic placeholders to pull certain record-specific information such as document number, aircraft, sales rep, customer name, price and/or routing. 

Additional Email Options
When emailing documents from Avianis, users are now able to include CCs, BCCs and other recipients in one email instead of separate communications. Defaults can be set for each document type but the subject for an individual can always be modified if need be.

Attach Additional Documents to Emails
When sending quotes, trip documents or invoices, users can add various supporting documents from within Avianis as additional attachments. The documents for associated aircraft and all company documents will display by default in quotes and trips but users are always able to add from the full document library.

Show/Hide Positioning Leg Quote Defaults

Users now have the ability to set whether they want to show or hide positioning legs on all quotes.

Trip Types
Create custom trip types such as maintenance, training or charter within Avianis and specify which is applicable within the trip for more accurate tracking.

Quote Line Item Types (see where to define cost codes)
Users can create custom line item types and tie them to quote line items from within the master list or individual quote. This provides better insight and trending on additional charges across the entire fleet.


Price sheet calculation method save issue
Price sheets that have the calculation method set to by nautical mile, statute mile or fixed are now saving/calculating correctly.

Line items tied to country and aircraft type not calculating correctly
Line items that are tied to countries and aircraft type are now calculating the correct quantity when automatically added to quotes.

Issue deleting qualification programs
Qualification programs that have qualification items in them but are not associated to personnel can now be deleted from the system.

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