Airport Notes and Map Search (Learn how to search for an airport and add general and date-specific notes)
Search for important airport information and relevant service providers at one or multiple airports. Users can search by the radius around an address or identifier. Easily narrow the results down based on runway length, airport of entry/customs, hours of operation, approach and fuel types. View more information for any location including available service providers. Users can also add general or date-specific notes that are essential to daily operations which will display within the snapshot for relevant trips.

FuelerLinx Integration (Learn how to obtain fuel prices and dispatch for fuel)

While working within Avianis, FuelerLinx customers now have the power to obtain fuel prices, dispatch fuel requests as well as calculate tankering for one or multiple trips. All pending, confirmed and cancelled requests can easily be managed in one place. Users are also able to take advantage of powerful fuel stop route planning tools without ever leaving the application.


Trip Time Display Issues
When users changed a time for a leg in an itinerary, if they edited that leg before the page was refreshed it showed the original time still. This has been resolved and now shows the new time on save.

Trip Snapshot not updating until page is refreshed
If requests or tasks were updated in the trip, the snapshot was not updating correctly until the page was refreshed. All areas of the snapshot are now updating correctly when the records are saved.

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