Aircraft Dashboard Report
The aircraft dashboard combines a detailed aircraft and engine statistics breakdown and customer utilization for a specific period into one report. Users can easily reconcile past flight activity and view customer trending all from one place.

Quote Analysis Grid
Analysis grids provide users access to raw data that they can analyze and export. Valuable quote data can be accessed through the quote analysis grid for richer insights and analysis. 

Flight Time Analysis

The flight time analysis report offers a deep dive into flight data as it pertains to customer utilization and estimated values vs actuals. With easy to use tools, user can identify trends and possible flight time configuration adjustments.

Quote, Trip and Flight Log Notes

Internal notes can now be documented within quotes, trips and flight logs. Notes that are added to quotes and flight logs will display in the associated trip record as well. This allows operations to view pertinent information from sales and flight crews in one place.

Document Search
Users now have the ability to filter and search for any type of document within their account. When the documents are found, users are also able to edit and make revisions.

Add nickname/alias and suffix field to contact records
When creating and updating customer contacts, users can now enter/edit their nickname and prefix.

Show leg regulatory type on trip block
When users have the "show more" option selected on the aircraft and crew schedules, they are now able to see the regulatory type for each leg on the flight.

Add trip stage column to My Flights grid
When crew members access the My Flights page, they are now able to view and filter based on the overall trip stage.

Factor in grace period for trip snapshot
In the trip snapshot, we now display a warning instead of a critical item if a crew is in Late Grace.

Known Issues/Bugs

Error creating quote from trip
Previously, when users tried to create a new quote from within a trip they were receiving an error message and the quote was not being created.

Last login date not displaying correctly
The last login date was not being updated correctly to reflect the last time a user logged in.

Default documents not hidden when a custom document exists
When an account had a custom quote, trip or invoice documents, it was not hiding the default documents from the drop down list.

Calendar display issue during DST
Personnel events were displaying incorrectly in certain circumstances after the time change to DST. This was only a display issue and did not affect the underlying data.

Issue updating terms for quotes
Changes to terms for a specific quote were not saving correctly.

Crew records display issue
When a user had the admin role and the crew records role, the Global Settings area was not showing in the main navigation.

Account selection not required when creating contact
When creating a new contact, the Account field was not required. If no account was selected, it would create the contact as a Lead.

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