Additional vendor fields
In an effort to provide more visibility with regard to vendor ratings and tracking vendor compliance, Avianis users can now document if a specific vendor has one more safety ratings. Users can also document the date when a vendor audit was last competed and next due. In an effort to give you more visibility into the vendor aircraft profile we added fields for flight tracking tail #, owner name/address and a regulatory type assignment if needed.

Vendor active date range
Users can now designate a date range for vendors to indicate when they are considered active. This provides more control when managing approved vendor relationships.

Document effective dates
When uploading/attaching documents to any record in the system, you can now specify an effective date and expiration date. This comes in handy when monitoring for the expiration of contracts or other date sensitive documents.

Tasks associated with trip legs

Users now have the ability to associate tasks to a specific leg. This allows users to more effectively manage trip tasks across multiple legs and ensures that no detail is missed.

Instructions tied to flight legs
We now allow users to tie instructions to trip legs, just like we do for concierge requests.

Notification of Contacts without email addresses
When users attempt to send emails to contacts within Avianis without email addresses, a red background will appear, prompting the user to enter a valid email address.

Flight time and block time shown for each leg
In addition to the block time, we now display the flight time within quote and trip itineraries.

Color legend added to calendars
A color legend is now included on the aircraft/crew schedule to provide more clarity on each event type.

Discrepancy in flight logs
Flight crews are now able to document aircraft discrepancies in the flight log. Crew can also upload a photo or document from their phone, tablet or desktop directly to the discrepancy.

Discrepancy updates
Users are now able to better classify and manage discrepancies.  We have added additional fields to allow for more specific classification.  Users can designate an item as an NEF, CDL and even set the MEL category.

Dedicated use designation
In an effort to provide more visibility when quoting and scheduling an aircraft, users can set a date range as to when the aircraft has been assigned for dedicated use. If all legs on a trip are part 91 and any of those legs fall into that date range, it will display a critical item in the trip snapshot.

Restricted status on job card in addition to offline
In addition to putting an aircraft offline we've enabled users to set a “restricted” status on a job card. Users can now mark an aircraft as restricted for a specific date range and indicate what those restrictions are.

Multiple Emergency Contacts
Users are now able to add multiple emergency contact records to a personnel profile.

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