Known Issues/Bugs

Message notifications not coming through

When a message was posted in a record and included individual recipients or groups, it did not send notifications to any of those users.

Line items not factoring in correctly when aircraft is changed on quote
If a quote was created and master line items factored in for that specific aircraft and then changed the aircraft, it would not remove the initial line items. We have updated this so it removes any master line items (unless they are overridden) and then refactors the new line items based on the updated aircraft.

New account and contact not translating to quote on create
If the user added a new account or contact from the trip/quote creation page, the resulting quote did not have the account or contact selected.

Quote Rates & Times Issue
Previously if the user manually changed the flight time on a quote leg and then adjusted the aircraft rate, discount or block time it would revert to using the flight time calculation values. We updated this so it no longer recalculates using those values.

Error posting message with apostrophe
When a message was posted in a record that included apostrophes, it would produce an error. We have updated this so it works correctly now.


Make reissue date NOT a required field for type rating
When creating a new type rating record in the user profile, we previously required that they enter a value for the reissue date. We updated this so it is no longer required to create the record.

Calendar color updates
We have updated the calendar colors for the following records

   - Personnel Events (Yellow)

   - Discrepancies (Orange)

Show ICAO of last know location in calendar blocks with no flights
We added new calendar events that populate in the aircraft schedule cells where no trips exist. It shows where the aircraft landed last and when that occurred. We display a blue block when the aircraft is away from home base and a white block when it is at home.

Add airport selection in Job Card offline events
When putting an aircraft down for maintenance, users are now required select an airport where that aircraft is offline. This allows us to display the event correctly on the calendar when they use Airport TZ, My TZ and Zulu.

Update CC me on email functionality
When users email documents from Avianis they have always been able to select the "CC Me on Email" option which would send them a copy of the email. We have updated this so they will now be included as an actual CC for the emails that are sent out.

Auto populate personnel and contacts in email modal
When a user emails a quote, the system will automatically select the sales rep and primary contact for the quote as a recipient.

Reply to email defaults
A user cannot designate a default "Reply To" email for each document in Avianis. This will allow them to designate which email address they want each document to come from but they can always adjust as needed without modifying the defaults.

Add Leads as Related to filter option
On the Tasks page in Avianis the user can filter by the type of record the task is tied to (Quote, Trip, etc.). We have added the ability to filter by Leads.

Qualification status filters
We have added a column to the qualification item search page which shows the status of each item (Ok, Early Grace, Late Grace or Expired or N/A).

Show/hide legs on trip
Just like in the quote, we have added toggles per leg in the trip itinerary so you can show/hide individual legs when sending trip documents.

Default departure airport to home base
When entering a new trip or quote request, it will automatically set the departure for the first leg to the home base of the aircraft. If the first leg does not start at home base, the user can easily change it for that specific request.

Trip request updates

The trip and quote request page has been updated to streamline the creation process and provide more useful information throughout. Users can view departure and arrival times as they enter the itinerary and modify values before a record is created. We have also added the ability to view and update account and contact information directly from the request screen.

Multiple lead passengers
In the manifest tab of a trip, the user can now designate more than one person as the lead passenger for a specific trip.

Tie quote copy to original trip request
If there is a quote that is associated to a trip and the user copies the quote, they cannot designate whether the copy should be tied to the parent trip or not.

Time zone offsets added to itineraries
We now display the time zone offset for each airport in the itinerary within quotes and trips.

Duty/rest warnings in quote snapshot
We have added warnings in the quote snapshot that will display issues with duty/rest time. We just look at that specific itinerary and assume a 1 hour duty on and 30 min duty off to determine any issues.

Account/Contact info in the quote and trip request screen
As the user creates a new quote or trip, we display basic account and contact information below the itinerary once an account and primary contact are selected. This allows them to view and update pertinent information on the fly without leaving the page.

Default designation for identity documents
When adding identity documents (passport, visa, driver’s license) to a contact or personnel member, the user cannot mark them as the default.

Profit percentage in quote profit analysis
In the profit analysis section of the quote snapshot, we have added the profit margin. 

Regulatory type designation for aircraft
In the aircraft profile, the user cannot designate the regulatory type for that specific tail number (Part 91, Part 135, etc.).

Account and contact preference updates

Users can now tie preferences to an account record (previously this could only be done on a contact level). Also, when the user creates a preference they can tie it to a specific vendor at an airport and it will only display in the trip snapshot when that airport is on the itinerary. 

Additional user baseline values
We have added the following fields to the user profile to document crew baselines:

   -Total Flight Time

   -Total PIC Time

   -Total SIC Time

   -Total Instrument Time

   -Instrument PIC Time

   -Night Time

   -Turbine Time

   -Turbine PIC Time

   -Total MultiEngine Time

   -Total MultiEngine PIC Time

   -Total MultiEngine SIC Time

   -Total Rotary PIC Time

   -Total Rotary SIC Time

FBO cascade forward for same Airports

When FBOs are selected for a leg in a trip, it will find all legs in the itinerary that have that airport and set the FBO for those as well. If an FBO Is already set for any leg, those will not be affected. 

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