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Airport Directory - Setup and Configuration
Airport Directory - Setup and Configuration
How to utilize the Airport Menu options
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The Airport menu option allows custom configurations to then tie into the Airport Directory for specific airport restrictions, closures, notes, etc.

This article explains:

  • How to add an airport note

  • How to classify an airport

  • How to create airport closure reasons

  • How to create aircraft restriction types


The Airports > Notes section of the application is where all notes created can be managed (view, edit, delete).

  1. In the Main Navigation, click on Airports > Notes.

  2. Click "Create New"

  3. Enter the applicable information, associate the airport(s) and click "Save."

    Note: Times on Airport Notes added through the Airport Notes page from the main navigation menu will be saved in Zulu since they may be applied to multiple airports.

  • Subject: This name displays in the feasibility

  • Description: This field is required

  • Start Date/Time - End Date/Time: This is not a required field. In the case this note contains a specific date and time range, enter the applicable dates and times. Note: Times entered from Airport Search > Airport Detail > Notes Tab for a specific airport, will be in Local time for that airport.

  • Type - Select the applicable type, whether an operational or customs type note.

  • Severity - Select the level of severity. Whether the note is just for information purposes, or if it needs to be defined as a warning or critical item.


An operation can create airport categories. These categories are defined by the operation. After created, select the classification on the airport in the airport directory. This allows an operation to automatically display airport classification among documents like a trip sheet for the crew members.

  1. Access Airports > Classifications

  2. Click Create New

  3. Enter the Classification Name then Save

  4. Access the airport directory, search for the airport that needs the classification association and select it on the overview tab.

Airport Closure Reasons

Airport Closure Reasons must be configured in order to utilize the Temporary Airport Closures option located within an Airport record > hours.

To create Closure Reasons select Airport > Airport Closure Reasons

Click Create New, enter the name for the Airport Closure Reason and a description if needed. Then click Create.

The closure reason then can be applied when capturing a temporary airport closure. Visit Using Airport Directory to learn more.

Aircraft Restriction Types

Aircraft Restriction Types must be configured in order to utilize the Aircraft Restrictions feature located within an Airport record > Aircraft Restrictions tab.

To create an Aircraft Restriction Type, expand Airports menu option and select Aircraft Restriction Types.

Click Create New, add the name of the restriction and a description if necessary and click Save. The restriction type is then used when creating an Aircraft Restriction by aircraft model within an airport record. Visit Using Airport Directory to learn more.

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