How to Clear Cache for Firefox
Clear cache and cookies in the Firefox web browser.
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Firefox is a web browser available from Mozilla for any OS. (Screen caps provided from Firefox Quantum (65.0.1 64-bit).)

How to Clear Cache and Cookies for Firefox

  1. Launch Firefox

  2. Log out of any current Avianis sessions.

  3. Click on the '3 bars' in the upper right corner > "Preferences" (gear icon)

  4. Select "Privacy & Security" on the left > scroll down to the 'Cookies and Site Data' section and click on the "Clear Data..." button

  5. Select (check) both "Cookies and Site Data" and "Cached Web Content" > then click the "Clear" button

  6. Restart Firefox. Closing the program completely and opening it again is best.

  7. Log into Avianis and try again

Still not working properly?

Other Tips for Firefox

  • Do not use 'Private Browsing' windows or tabs for Avianis.

  • Turn off or disable 'Add-ons' (e.g. Extensions, Themes, or Plugins).

  • Allow tracking and cookies to ensure all Avianis integrations work seamlessly. Click here to see a walk through guide.

Ref: A-T12

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