April/May 2017 Release Notes
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The release notes cover various updates in the following areas of the application:

Search Pages
My Company, Finance, Crew Records and Maintenance  

Custom Personnel Calendar Settings
Contact Travel Documents

Flight Logs
Crew Records

Type Ratings
Regulatory Set

Inspection Items
Syncing Times to Tracking Systems
Approved Vendors

Credit Cards

Overnight Line Items by Country

Search Pages

Throughout previous updates search pages, such as quotes, trips, expenses have been updated to allow for column customization, vast search options, save searches which all functions lead to self-reporting. That same functionality is available in My Company > Aircraft and Personnel, Finance > Invoices, Crew Records > Qualifications and Maintenance > Inspections, Discrepancies and Job Cards

Calendar Update

Personnel Scheduling Settings
In addition to being able to select which aircraft a crew has visible on their schedule, specific personnel can be specified under the schedule visibility for a user. When custom personnel settings are set on a user's profile, that user is able to view the set personnel's trip and events schedule. This is particularly useful for the pilot users' visibility. Previously when only an aircraft was selected, the pilot role could only see if other personnel were on flights. This provides visibility to set personnel's events on the crew calendar (also on the aircraft calendar if event containers and personnel events are set to show). 

Example of Crew Calendar:

CRM Updates

Managing Travel Documents
Indicate active or inactive on travel documents. This allows all records to remain intact and not receive expiration flags on expired documents.

Associate Passports to Visas
Visa records can be defined by type (N/A, Business, Crew or Tourist) and a passport can be associated to the record. The purpose for this is to be able to display on documents. 

Operation Updates: Trips

CSR Designation
An additional crew position, CSR (Cabin Service Representative) is available in the crewing drop down. If selected, users can select any active personnel from the operation's personnel list to add to the trip or an individual leg. No regulatory checks are run in the snapshot for CSRs. 

Leg Status "Ready for Release"
An additional leg status option named "Ready for Release" is available to be set on the leg level. This leg status option is included within the trip for manual selection or is able to be set on the stage-leg status for automation. 

Leg Status Lock Settings
An additional lock setting has been added to Global Settings > Trip > Settings. The lock leg verification setting allows an operation to lock access to areas of a trip based on the leg status. When set to yes, designate what leg statuses' need to apply and save. Areas that are locked when the status is selected are flight log, weight and balance, expenses, duty time, events, purpose and FRAT. 

Operation Updates: Flight Logs

Duty Times
On the Duty Time tab within the Flight Log, the proposed or actuals (if logged) out, off, on and in will display for easy reference. Additionally duty start and end times are no longer pre-populating times based on the out and in times. The fields are left blank for the user to enter the actual start and end time accordingly. 

Crew Records Updates

Personnel Directly Assigned to Aircraft
A personnel must have a type rating in their personnel profile or be tied to a qualification program for the aircraft type in order to be directly assigned the personnel as PIC, SIC, ACM or Flight Attendant to an aircraft. If the personnel is designated contract crew, they are able to be directly assigned without the type rating or association to an aircraft specific program. This ensures another check for compliance among 135 personnel and allows an operation to easily add 91 personnel where currency does not need to be fully tracked.   

Regulatory Sets
Regulatory sets can be customized to accommodate for the various limitations and experiences. The update allows for the "Pilot Only" designation to be selected on duty time limitations. Once checked, only the PICs and SICs on the trip are checked against the duty time limitations and are communicated in the trip snapshot > crew section. The CSR, ACM and Medical personnel are not checked. 

Maintenance Updates

Inspection Item Sync
When connected to a third party maintenance tracking system (CAMP, Flightdocs, CMP, and/or AvTrak), due items are pulled into Avianis daily. This enhanced feature allows a user to override inspection items in Avianis based on a date. When set to yes and when a date is entered, the item will not update again until the defined date. 

Automated Sync of Aircraft Times
Avianis offers interfaces with various 3rd party maintenance tracking systems (CAMP, CMP, AvTrak, and Flightdocs). This enhanced feature allows an operation to set at the aircraft level whether times automatically go over once leg statuses are set to verified or if the times are sent once entered. The feed from Avianis to the tracking system is daily. 

Aircraft Offline Events
When taking an aircraft out of service, additional fields have been added to the offline event within the Job Card. If a user is Maintenance Manager or Maintenance Technician role, the approved maintenance vendor and/or personnel member can be selected. This ties the offline event to the vendor and personnel that serviced the aircraft. 

Selecting a vendor and personnel can be set as a requirement when taking an aircraft out of service. In each aircraft profile, there is a setting called, "Require Approved Vendor or Personnel for Offline Event." When this is set to "Yes", a user will be required to select an approved maintenance vendor or personnel in order to put the aircraft down for maintenance. 

Maintenance vendors can be fully managed in the Vendors section of the platform. From your Main Menu > Vendors. Here is an example of a maintenance vendor record. 

With the approved vendor setting set to yes, if the selected vendor's expiration date of their approval is before the offline event is scheduled to end or the vendor will not be approved until after the aircraft is scheduled to return to service, a warning message is communicated to the user. 

The same validation will be run when the aircraft is returned to service. The difference is it will not allow the user to return the aircraft to service if the vendor will not be approved. 

Finance Updates 

Expense Search Page
Tail Number and Quantity have been added as additional display column options on the expense search page. Trip related expenses display the tail number associated to the trip.  

Company Credit Cards
In My Company > Profile create company level credit cards. These credit cards are available in the "Paid With" drop down within an expense for payment association. 

Designate Payable To
An additional payable to option is available when creating an expense. The personnel designation allows operations to more effectively capture expenses such as per diem. 

Sales Updates

Overnight Line Items by Country

An additional option has been added for master quote line items when the calculation method is set to By Overnight to calculate based on the overnights in specific countries. When this option is selected, at least one Country will need to be selected.

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