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Flight crew access to flight times
Flight crew access to flight times
This article will show how flight crew members can their flight time reports
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The steps in this article will detail

  • How to access flight times reports within the Personnel Profile

  1. After logging into the web application, click on your user icon in the top right corner, then select "My Profile".


  2. Once your profile has loaded click on the printer icon in the upper right hand corner shown below.

  3. Click on "Documents" and then select a report option. 

  4. Then, select the dates to run the report and click "Launch Report". If you are wishing to run the report for a specific date range, simply click on "Use Custom Dates" and use the calendar picker to select the dates.

Note: Once report has been launched you can export to PDF my clicking icon at top right of report. 

Ref: O-F13

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