July 2017 Release Notes
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These release notes outline various feature enhancements throughout the following areas:

Document Sharing and Dashboard Display
All About Tasks: Conditions, Description, Assignment and Dashboard
Preferences (Account, Contact and Personnel)
Duty Time Entry
Partially Submitted Flight Log
Regulatory Set and Pilot Requirements
TSA Watchlist
Vendor Records
Flight Time Rounding Setting
Crew Calendar: Personnel Info
Case Management Search Page
Master Line Item by Aircraft Category
Crew Records
General Training Program (non-aircraft specific)
Returning Aircraft to Service 

Document Sharing and Dashboard Display
Share an uploaded document with specific personnel or "All Personnel". Once shared the user will have access to those documents on their Dashboard under Documents Shared with Me. Another enhancement includes the My Documents tab. That tab consists of all documents the user has uploaded into Avianis. Document Upload and Sharing

All About Tasks

Task Template Conditions
Additional task template conditions are available to trigger automated trip tasks. The additional conditions are trip type and account type. An example of use is when a trip type is "Charter," if the task created contains the "Charter" trip type, those tasks will trigger at the trip level. Configure Task Types and Task Lists 

Task Description
When creating a task whether it is one in a task template for automation or a one off created task in a record like a trip, the description field has been enhanced to accommodate an endless character count.

Task Assignments
When creating a task from any record such as a trip, quote, personnel profile as well as from the dashboard there are both personnel and group task assignment options. 

Tasks on the Dashboard
When assigned to a task, the Dashboard lists My Tasks, Groups Tasks and By Personnel (if adequate user role). The related to column contains additional information such as aircraft, trip number, and trip departure date/time.

Preferences (Account, Contact and Personnel)
An additional preference type "Airline" is available on account, contact and personnel records. 

Service/Request Types
An additional preference type "Airline" is available in the request type drop down when creating a service/request in a trip. 


Duty Time Entry
An "All Crew" option is available when entering duty time records through the flight log. This will create separate records for all crew listed on the trip. Create Duty Record

Partially Submitted Flight Log
If the information on the Log tab of the flight log is saved but any of the crew on the leg do not have a duty record entered for the flight, it will say "Partially Submitted" on the flight leg in the trip. Once all of the duty records are entered for the crew, it will display "Log Submitted".

Regulatory Set and Pilot Requirements
Within the regulatory sets, there is an option to indicate the total number of flight crew (PIC, SIC, ACM, FA) required under that regulatory set. If it is setup to require 2 crew and the operator only put one crew member on the trip, it will flag as a critical item in the trip snapshot under the Crew section. Configure Regulatory Set and Confirm Trip Complies

TSA Watchlist
The TSA Watchlist section in My Company has a new look. There are three tabs: TSA Watchlist, Personnel Vetting and Upcoming Trips. On the TSA Watchlist tab continuing uploaded the various .csv files. On the Personnel Vetting tab (no longer in company profile), check the personnel list and see when the lists were last run and details. The Upcoming Trips tab allows an operation to run passengers on all upcoming flight legs without having to access each individual trip. TSA Vetting

Vendor Records
Vendor profiles, vendor contacts and vendor aircraft contain new internal reference fields for thorough management of vendor sub contractors.
    Vendor Profile - Fields such as DBA, FAA Sanctions, Incidents, Actions and Fatals  
    are available.
    Vendor Contact
- The Crew Info tab and Crew Times table is available.
    Vendor Aircraft - Fields such as Starting Hours, Last Inspection Date, Restricted             (Y/N) and Restrictions are available. 

In a Charter Operator vendor record profile, the aircraft tab displays additional information such as Active/Inactive aircraft check mark, aircraft Home Base and Year. 

Flight Time Rounding
The flight time rounding setting is available on each company aircraft record on the profile tab (not on vendor and generic aircraft profiles). With Custom Rounding "enabled," set whether estimated (quotes/trips) and/or actual times (flight logs) are to be rounded to the nearest tenth. Previously this was only a Global Setting that applied to all aircraft. Set Aircraft Rounding

Crew Calendar: Personnel Info
Basic crew profile information is available read-only from the crew calendar by clicking the personnel's name. If the user roles access level provides full personnel profile access, a button to access the full profile will be available on the pop-up. 

Case Management Search Page
The enhanced search features such as customizing display columns, searching using various filters (all and any), save search functionality which leads to report exports is available on the Case Management Search page. Case Management


Master Line Items
An additional condition is available when building master line items for quote automation. Set Aircraft Category, such as Light Jet, Mid Jet, Heavy Jet, etc. on a master line item instead of having to select all applicable tails or types that fall within the category. Customization of Master Line Items


General Training Programs (non-aircraft specific)
If a training program contains qualification items that are not aircraft specific, there is no need to select all the aircraft types operated by the operation any longer. A trip compliance check box is available when creating a program. This check box connects the qualification items and the trip the crew member is assigned to and checks for compliance. The results will continue to be displayed in the Trip Snapshot > Crew section as they did before. Quick Start Guide: Crew Records

Return an Aircraft to Service
When using the additional validation options in the aircraft profile for returning an aircraft to service (Require Approved Vendor or Personnel for Offline Event), an added compliance check looks at the maintenance personnel profile to confirm the regulatory type set matches the regulatory type on the aircraft being worked on. For example, if the maintenance personnel profile contained Part 91 and the offline event was for a Part 135 aircraft, a warning is communicated to the user when the aircraft is taken out of service and it prevents the user from putting the aircraft back into service. Put an Aircraft Down for Maintenance

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