Rounding options for building quotes/trips and flight logging are available on a global level (for all aircraft) or on specific tail numbers. 

Set Flight Time Rounding for all Aircraft 

  1. Go to Operations > Settings > Configurations

  2. Set Flight Time Rounding for estimated (quotes/trips) and Actual Flight Time Rounding accordingly. 

Note: The Rounding Method allows operations to set whether the flight times should round up to the nearest 5 minutes or round to the nearest 10th of an hour. The up 5 minute example works as follows:

Flight Time = 1:02, this rounds up to 1:05
Flight Time = 1:05, this remains at 1:05
Flight Time = 1:11, this rounds up to 1:15

The rounding method Up 5 Minutes is not an option on the aircraft only level. When rounding is enabled on the aircraft level, it will round to the nearest 10th based on the Avianis table.

Set Flight Time Rounding per Aircraft

  1. Go to My Company > Aircraft >  Profile Tab > Custom Rounding

On the aircraft profile tab, there is an option to indicate Custom Rounding on a per aircraft basis. Once set to "Enable" it provides the ability to select if Estimated Flight Time Rounding and Actual Flight Time Rounding applies to the individual aircraft. If this function is set to "Disable" the aircraft follows the Global Settings rounding rules.

Note: Custom Rounding is applicable for fleet aircraft only. It is not applicable to vendor or generic aircraft profiles.

Below is the rounding table: 

Ref: M-A02

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