Enable Hobbs Option

  1. Access the Aircraft Profile.

  2. In the 'Trip/Flight Log Preferences,' check the box for Use Hobbs Meter.

Enter Baseline Landings for Air Frame

  1. Access the Aircraft Profile.

  2. Input the Baseline Landings for the air frame.

Enter Baseline Hobbs Time and Cycles for Engines

  1. Access the Aircraft Profile.

  2. Go to the 'Engine' section towards the bottom of the page.

  3. Input the Hobbs Time and Cycles. 

Note: It is not necessary to baseline the Hobbs Meter for the air frame. It is required to enter baseline hobbs times for engines only. The air frame baseline hobbs field is utilized to adjust the total Hobbs if a new Hobbs meter is added to the aircraft. 

Learn more on Logging Hobbs time by reviewing the Logging Hobbs Time guide.

Ref: M-A05

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