Additional security settings can prevent proper authentication resulting in display issues. 

To resolve the issue add the URL as a trusted site. Here are the steps to take: 

Add or remove a site from a security zone

1. Open the desktop, and then tap or click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar.

2. Tap or click the Tools button and then tap or click Internet options.

3. Tap or click the Security tab, choose one of the security zone icons (Local intranet, Trusted sites, or Restricted sites), and then tap or click Sites. You can add sites to the zone you chose, or delete sites that you no longer want in this zone.

4. If you chose Local intranet in the previous step, tap or click Advanced

Then do one of the following:

· Add a site—enter a URL into the Add this website to the zone box, and then tap or click Add.

· Remove a site—under Websites, select the URL you want to remove, and then tap or click Remove.

Ref: A-T30

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